The ancient art and science of pranic healing and arhatic yoga

Yogic healing

yogic healing

The following story is told in order for the readers to fully appreciate the teachings of the Pranic Healing system, so that they will understand what MCKS is driving at. One of the students of MCKS met a disciple of a well-known swami. The disciple was impressed with MCKS Pranic Healing. He explained that it was only after many years of studying and practicing yoga with the swami they were taught how to do very simple healing like charging a glass of boiled water with pranic energy by using pranayama or yogic rhythmic breathing technique. The swamis do not teach their students the seven basic techniques in Pranic Healing, except for energizing. And their students were also not taught about the eleven major chakras or about the use of color pranas or other principles and advanced techniques in pranic healing.