The ancient art and science of pranic healing and arhatic yoga

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  • What is Pranic Healing?

    What is Pranic Healing?

    Pranic Healing® is a simple yet powerful & effective system of no-touch energy healing. It is based on the fundamental principles that the body is a self-repairing living entity, which is capable of healing itself. Master Choa Kok Sui says "Life Energy or prana is all around us, we are actually in an ocean of Life Energy. Based on this principle, a healer can draw in Pranic Energy from the surroundings."
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  • A better life through Energy Healing

    A better life through Energy Healing

    During an energy healing session after a through cleansing of the affected body area or the entire body, a healer applies prana to energize the body. The human body has several major and thousands of minor bioplasmic channels which in yoga are called nadis. Energy or prana flows through these channels which nourishes the whole body and helps the body in recovering the diseased parts.
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  • Alternative Therapy

    Alternative Therapy

    People often do not have faith on what is not visible to their eyes. When alternative therapy systems like Pranic healing are discussed it becomes difficult for them to believe that any pain or sickness can be healed without even touching the patient. Physical body can be healed by medicines, but how do we heal our energy body? Energy body can be healed by taking out the diseased or dirty energy from the aura and putting in fresh and new energy.
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  • Self Healig

    Self Healing

    Long hours at office, meeting clients, presentations and other work -drains a lot of energy out of our body. So how can we enjoy our social life post our work hours? This is a question almost all of us ask time and again. Self healing is very useful. We can heal a lot of conditions prevailing in our body specially when we are travelling alone and have no one to heal us. There are various methods with which we can heal our body. Read more about Self Healing

  • Spiritual Healing

    Spiritual Healing

    Spiritual Healing uses divine energy for healing. The primary source of spiritual healing energy comes from God who is the source of all life. Spiritual healing energy along with being very powerful is also extremely subtle. The patient has to be very receptive for rapid healing to occur. If the patient is not so receptive, then the healing will be slow. It will not be as effective as its potential. But if the patient is not receptive at all, then he or she will not be healed.
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  • Crystal Healing

    Crystal Healing

    Crystals and chakra stones are known to possess the quality of condensing energy. If we observe a natural crystal clairvoyantly, we will see small sparks of light inside. These little sparks of light are the sparks of consciousness. Crystals or chakra stones can also be used to activate the chakras. This means that crystals can be used as chakral activators.
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  • Pranic Healing and Reiki

    Pranic Healing and Reiki

    Pranic Healing & Reiki are thus both healing sciences that involve healing the energy body to deal with the overt manifestations of physical ailments and psychological ailments. Both these schools of healing work in accordance with the belief that our physical bodies actually have 2 parts: the visible physical body and the invisible physical body.
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  • Spiritual Healers

    Spiritual Healers

    Spiritual healers or divine healers, use divine energy for healing affected chakras and dirty, diseased energy body. What is the source of Divine Energy? God is the ultimate source of all divine energy or spiritual energy. The divine healing energy from the higher beings like great angelic beings, great prophets or avatars, holy masters, saints, spiritual teachers and others passes to the soul of the spiritual healer.
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  • shamanic Healers

    Shamanic Healing

    Shamanic healing uses branches of trees or the feather of an eagle for sweeping. Sometimes they use their mouth for sucking. With their inner vision they may see insects or bugs.
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  • amazonian Healers

    Amazonian Healing of brazil

    The shaman would perform sweeping on the whole body of the patient and throw something to the strong young man. After that the young man were instructed to dip into the river.
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  • Rosicrucian Healing

    Rosicrucian Healing

    Rosicrucian healing is called Rosicrucian contact treatment. It is based on deep breathing. Vital life force is directed to the ganglia of the spine. This vital life force is not directed to the chakra. Rosicrucian healing is very simple and also effective
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  • chinese medical chi kung

    Chinese Medical Chi Kung

    With roots in ancient Chinese culture dating back more than 4,000 years, a wide variety of qigong forms have developed within different segments of Chinese society: in traditional Chinese medicine for preventive and curative functions, in Confucianism to promote longevity and improve moral character, in Daoism and Buddhism as part of meditative practice, and in Chinese martial arts to enhance fighting abilities.
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  • reiki


    According to a Reiki master who studied with Phyllis Furamoto, Reiki uses attunement during initiation and symbols during healing. Practitioners of Reiki use symbols to connect to the Reiki energy.
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  • Yogic Healing

    Yogic Healing

    One of the students of MCKS met a disciple of a well-known swami. The disciple was impressed with MCKS Pranic Healing. He explained that it was only after many years of studying and practicing yoga with the swami that they were taught how to do very simple healing.
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  • Magnetic Healing

    Magnetic Healing

    Magnetic healing was developed by German Doctor by the name of Franz Mesmer, a physician who was born on 23 May 1734. Magnetic healing is based on animal magnetism, which is an invisible fluid in the body. He encountered serious problems in Vienna and Paris with the medical establishment of that cities. Later, mesmerism became what is now known as hypnosis and the healing part became known as magnetic healing.
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