The ancient art and science of pranic healing and arhatic yoga

Words and teachings of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui gathered from his courses

  • "As the Soul dives into the lower worlds and learns its lessons, the word dive implies that something is dropping; that’s why the throat chakra is the dividing line. That’s why it’s called ‘the abyss’. So for the general public, for the people who are not yet serious about their spiritual path the throat chakra is always the abyss but for those who are serious about their spiritual practice the throat chakra becomes a bridge!"

  • "As difficult as it is sometimes we want to hear ourselves: 'I am always right'. But as we hear different opinions we can have different perceptions and different ways of looking at something. From there we make our final decision"

  • "Since the color of the heart chakra is reddish, when you love someone you feel the warmth. That is why when you are around people you care for, you feel a loving warm sensation"

  • "As you keep projecting lots of loving energy to a person, the aura doesn't have a choice than to project the same good energy back."

  • "Karma is neither positive or negative. It is just like the law of gravity

  • "If you want your mind to be clear, you have to keep other people's minds clear"

  • "Without proper purification, even if the divine energy wants to flow through, it's stuck"

  • "Words are like fingers. The same word could mean different things, the same word could point at two different things at the same time"

  • "As you understand karma, you start to see things from a higher point of view"

  • "Without somebody pushing us, a lot of us don't push ourselves"

  • "With Knowledge and understanding comes the power to do good or bad."

  • "When your mind is still, when everything is still, that is when the energy is more intense.

  • "The Divine energy comes down to the Crown chakra, goes through our bodies as we chant Mantra OM and flushes all the negative energies out to be disintegrated."

  • "It’s not what you make; it’s how much you keep. So if you have a lot of business, a lot of income but you spend it all, then you don’t get anywhere."

  • "Yoga means union. In the spiritual sense Arhatic Yoga is union of the incarnated soul, the lower soul with the Higher Soul and ultimately one with God."

  • "Before you go home after intense meditation before you walk in the door just form the intention that these people in the house are temporarily outside your aura for about 3 hours. You go like this in your mind: 'these people are now isolated from my aura for 3 hours'. So what happens, when you’re interacting with them their energy is merging with yours gently."

  • So when a person is very devoted there is commitment. There could be a storm, there could be an earthquake, there could be problems in your life, you get there! That’s sixth ray quality."

  • "So sometimes when you’re in a relationship, either romantic, business or whatever, you have to think when there’s a disagreement; wait, maybe I’m seeing the forest, these people are seeing the trees. What if I put myself in their shoes and they put themselves in my shoes, we can come to an agreement!"

  • "Sterile intelligence: you have an understanding what the situation is, but you don’t do anything about it. Active intelligence: Something has to be done about it!"

  • "The ajna chakra or the third ray has to do with science"

  • "In Arhatic Υoga Master Choa talks about the five virtues. So you have loving kindness and non-injury, generosity and non-stealing, you have accurate perception, correct expression and non-falsehood, then you have constancy of aim and effort and non-laziness and last one, moderation and non-excessiveness."

  • "A lot of painters are fourth ray souls. They take the same colors, the same things accessible to all of us and somehow they’re able to make a masterpiece out of it. They’re able to harmonize what are seemingly conflicting colors. So this fourth ray is the ability to produce beauty; beauty from something that looks ugly. Or by itself could be ugly but just simply rearranging things make it harmonizing together, you produce harmony."

  • "A lot of people don’t realize the aura is like a bubble that we see out. Essentially when you look out you look out of your aura. And so when something goes out or comes in this is like the filter that kind of decides our opinions. So by cleansing the aura properly then we can see things clearly."

  • "It doesn’t mean that you are on the spiritual path and you leave your brain in the car! The ability to think, the ability to plan, the ability to finish tasks is very, very important to the spiritual path. Great souls accomplish a lot for the service of humanity. This does not get done by spacing out."

  • "Pain and discomfort simply means there’re areas of the body where the energy is stuck and blocked."

  • "Without oneness there cannot be the law of karma"

  • "As we go through life, we try to clean the incarnated soul through our spiritual practice"

  • "During Wesak meditation people sit in an ancient geometric pattern to pull down the tremendous amounts of spiritual force"

  • "Harmlessness is a manifestation of loving kindness"

  • "This so called karmic acceleration can be fixed with two things: Number one, learning the lesson. Number two, doing massive amounts of service to generate spiritual profit to pay off the spiritual debt."

  • "Every time you’re engaging higher creativity like drawing, composing, singing, as the throat chakra gets activated it triggers the sex chakra to also start spinning and drawing more energy so both chakras become larger. The lower creativity center feeds the upper creativity center. At the same time the upper creativity center controls the lower creativity center."

  • "Sometimes if they think so much (on 3rd Ray thinking,3rd ray people), they cannot decide. Sometimes being so mental, is hard to decide."

  • "When you eat dirty food the worst it could happen your body gets dirty maybe your body gets sick. When we open our mouths and we criticize, we say foul words, we say hurtful demeaning words and sentences, not only do we dirty the other person’s soul because you project all this massive amount of dirty energy, we also dirty our soul. We are talking about the incarnated soul not the Higher Soul but the incarnated soul."

  • "In Arhatic Yoga you are taught step by step techniques on purifying the aura and the chakras. By purifying the chakras and the aura, you allow more divine energy to come down and it helps you to safely awaken the kundalini energy."

  • "The solar plexus will and the ajna will are very different. For most people the solar plexus chakra is more developed than the ajna chakra. That’s how they make decisions. They’re emotionally driven. Then as the soul becomes more advanced they go "whether I feel it or not, whether I want it or not, it’s what’s right." That’s when the ajna chakra takes over the solar plexus. "

  • "Now karmic acceleration works something like this. If you know from first grade to sixth grade it takes six years. Now if your child is super smart, very advanced in one of these classes they’d pull them out and put them in a gifted class. Because if you don’t put them in a gifted class and you leave them there and the teacher teaches according to this gifted kid everybody gets left behind. If they teach according to the others can handle, this kid gets bored and go crazy! Pull them out; put them in a special class! So instead of six years you’re probably going to use 4 years to learn everything that normally that kid would learn. That’s called accelerated program."

  • "You know the power of thought. Energetically out of your aura it forms a certain form. It just goes or moves into the inner world, it’s just like your psychic assistant. So whatever objective goes out, as it has more energy it’s able to get the job done for you. As it works in the inner world you work in the physical world, the two come together… things manifest!"

  • "If the upper chakras are small, then the energy from the higher Soul cannot come down. It has little control over the basic. That person will do whatever it takes to survive including hurting people. If there’s enough divine energy coming down because the upper chakras are also big, the heart is big, they’re loving, the throat, the crown, they’re intelligent, the divine energy will use those upper chakras and their qualities to control the basic."

  • "What is the use of having big aura and big chakras? To be able to serve. To have a bigger capacity to serve others"

  • "Sixth ray is the ray of devotion. What is exactly the ray of devotion? The key word is committed to a certain idea, cause or deity or religion or belief system."

  • "The will has to be balanced with the heart"

  • "Before Lord Buddha left his body, he promised to come back every year to bring down a certain amount of energy that is needed to help humanity and to protect humanity. So he shows up in energy form for 8 minutes in the Himalayas. The energy is handed to all the spiritual teachers, spiritual elders and all of us either we are aware of it or not"

  • "So as we study the seven rays one of the things we’ll learn is, we do not take any of them at an extreme. All of them work together."

  • "The sexual energy can be transformed and transmuted into love and intimacy. This energy can further be transformed and transmuted up to your throat into higher creativity."

  • "Each line of the Lord's Prayer is actually like a password phrase to trigger or turn on or highly awaken each of the power centers. It’s just like a key to each one. It turns them on and then when that happens as that divine energy comes down when you say the Lord’s Prayer in a certain way all the chakras are been cleansed, highly activated, energized and charged increasing your spiritual connection and accelerating your spiritual development."

  • "As you learn the lessons the throat chakra is getting knowledge and each piece of that knowledge becomes a little brick with which you build that bridge to the higher Soul and to the higher worlds."

  • "In Arhatic Yoga and Pranic Healing Master Choa always says, in addition to healing part of your service is to give money to charity. Because when you give money to charity part of that good karma pays for your karmic debt."

  • "The ajna chakra means 'understanding' "

  • "When a person has a lot of negative thoughts, anger, resentment toward somebody else, those thoughts are actually energy beings that surround their aura. So because of these negative entities in the aura which are their own thoughts they are tormented. They cannot have inner peace. In other words, the karma of the intense jealousy manifests as confusion and chaos in the mind."

  • "During the full moon there’s so much energy pouring into the earth, it magnifies everything. When you want to flush something out of your system, is like comparing being under a little water faucet or under Niagara Falls."

  • "The purpose of purification is to disintegrate and clean out all the stress, negative energy and blockages we might have on the energy field and the chakras so that the learning process can be faster. The absorption rate is faster when the aura and the chakras are clean."

  • " Spiritual Business Management teaches you how to increase the energy levels of your chakras and your aura, so you can work longer and be able to be more effective"

  • "So instead of being afraid of the full moon and be a victim of it, it becomes something that you harness.
    So number 1: you harness it to flash stuff out,
    Number 2: use that energy to increase your spiritual connection at that time,
    Number 3: after the meditation you always have your projects out, so that you can charge them with energy."

  • "You’re dreaming and you got up; I should put more attention on my business or whatever. A lot of these things are signs in the inner world that are telling you these parts of your life need energy. So instead of sitting there and just pumping energy into it, when you do meditation, full moon meditation there’s so much energy coming in, you have so much excess anyway, you strategically pump the energy into those areas of your life"