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The Subtle Power of Spiritual Energy

The Subtle Power of Spiritual Energy

While talking about the role played by a teacher, Master Choa Kok Sui said that the Guru is like a transformer who “brings down high spiritual energy to the level your subtle bodies can handle”. So, what is this spiritual energy?

Spiritual energy has often been referred to as Chi or Qi energy which is basically the life-force that permeates and energizes everything. Various techniques have been formulated to channel this energy and to use it for healing. Spiritual energy is therefore best regarded as a powerful force that is not bound by any confinement.

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui stated the intrinsic need for spiritual energy for the expansion of consciousness. Spiritual energy is also what makes it possible to travel into the inner realms of the spiritual world. The attainment of stillness and awareness is not enough to fuel spiritual growth. Without spiritual energy, the consciousness cannot grow and expansion is stalled.

Shaktipat is a Sanskrit term that is basically a conjugation of the two terms, “shakti”, meaning power or energy and “pat”, meaning to fall or descend. Shaktipat is therefore the “transference of tremendous spiritual energy” from the teacher or guru to the student. This enables the consciousness of the disciple to be able to traverse through the different levels of the inner world. This process of energy-transfer is referred to as spiritual initiation in various esoteric books that are available today.

To explain the immense power of spiritual energy and the process of it being transformed and transferred, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui use a very interesting analogy:-

“You have 110-volt plugs. If you put your equipment directly into the transfer outlet, it gets destroyed. If you put it directly into the power source, it gets really destroyed. So from the power source it gets stepped down, stepped down, stepped down until the appliances in your home can handle it. The same thing here; there is a stepping-down process. One of the functions of the teacher is to step down the energy so that the higher soul and the incarnated soul can handle it”.

What Master Choa Kok Sui explained in such simple terms is proof of how amazing a teacher he was to be able to relate to his students such difficult concepts with such ease.

The entire universe is a web of energy and this energy is emanated at all times, through all things. When we invoke or meditate, there is a descent of Divine energy into our beings. However, to be able to handle huge quantities of spiritual energy, one must develop his/her physical bodies. The development of our spiritual or energy body is not possible without the development of our tangible physical forms. Spiritual practices are all aimed at gaining mastery over spiritual energy which would then enable an individual to transform this energy and utilize its vast potential.


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