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  • What is Spirituality?

    What is Spirituality?

    The meaning of spirituality has been explained in various ways by different gurus. Spirituality might mean different things to different people but these differences are probably superficial. This is sort of like the apparent divorce between science and spirituality. In modern times, however, the hiatus between the physical sciences and the inner science of spirituality is in the process of being bridged.
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  • The Subtle Power of Spiritual Energy

    The Subtle Power of Spiritual Energy

    Grand Master Choa Kok Sui stated the intrinsic need for spiritual energy for the expansion of consciousness. Spiritual energy is also what makes it possible to travel into the inner realms of the spiritual world. The attainment of stillness and awareness is not enough to fuel spiritual growth. Without spiritual energy, the consciousness cannot grow and expansion is stalled.
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  • Spirituality and Religion

    Spirituality and Religion

    There has always been a clear demarcation between the concepts of religion and spirituality. Though there is a considerable level of overlap between the two, these two concepts are essentially regarded as separate. Therefore, while spirituality is “concerned with religion”, it is a state of existence while religion is an “organized system”.
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  • Who is God?

    Who is God?

    Whether we call out to the name of Allah, Brahman, Jesus, El Shaddai, Ra, Yahweh or Ahura Mazda, we intend to reach out to a reality greater than us, to a force many times more powerful than us and a point of origin that substantiates our being. It is not by chance that the synonyms of God are many and span across many languages.
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  • Spiritual Health

    Spiritual Health

    As humans, we are multi-faceted. Just as our physical body needs food and care, our spiritual body cannot be neglected. The spiritual practices of meditation, purification and character building keep our spiritual body healthy.
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