The ancient art and science of pranic healing and arhatic yoga

Shamanic healing

shamanic healing

Shamanic healing uses branches of trees or the feather of an eagle for sweeping. Sometimes they use their mouth for sucking. With their inner vision they may see insects or bugs. What exactly they are sucking out or are sweeping away is not clearly known to them. If you ask them, they would say they are sweeping away or sucking out bad spirits. For students with Pranic Healing background, of course, it is obvious that they are sweeping or sucking out diseased energy.

The sucking technique is also dangerous. A shaman once used the sucking technique to heal a German woman of breast cancer. The woman was healed, but the shaman died. The shamans also blow on the affected parts. What exactly are they blowing out? For Pranic healers it is quite clear that they are actually energizing by transferring Pranic energy or the breath of life to the affected part.