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Meditation Techniques to Practice Active Living

Meditation Techniques to Practice Active Living

Various spiritual schools and practicing spiritual teachers have propounded their own concepts of meditation and elaborated on different meditation techniques. The quest of spiritual enlightenment remains constant across the myriad schools of spirituality while the meditation techniques are often modified. Let us know more about the Twin Heart Meditation developed and popularized by Master Choa Kok Sui.

Meditation on Twin Hearts

Also known as Meditation on Loving-Kindness , this form of meditation is practiced with the aim of achieving cosmic consciousness and illumination. Meditation in Twin Hearts is a form of service to the entire earth, where the entire earth is blessed with loving kindness and harmony. This form of meditation is practiced by some Sufi groups. Meditation on Twin Hearts is known as Metta in Buddhism.

Meditation on Twin Hearts can be used to bless a certain place, company, country as well as relationships. For example, in Brazil, there was a place which was filled with anti-socials. A group of people started blessing the place and after a while, the anti-socials left the place.

The Chakras involved in Meditation on Twin Hearts

This form of meditation is based on the belief that the major chakras in human body are entry points to certain horizons or consciousness. To achieve cosmic consciousness, it is necessary to activate the crown chakra. Twin Hearts refers to the heart chakra or anahata chakra and the crown chakra. While the heart chakra is the center of the emotional heart, the crown chakra is the center of the divine heart.

The crown chakra or sahasrara chakra can only be sufficiently activated if the heart chakra is sufficiently activated first. The heart chakra is the lower correspondence of the crown chakra. Only by cultivating the finer emotions can one experience divine love.

Benefits of Meditation in Twin Hearts

Regular practice of Meditation on Twin Hearts ensures better physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health for the practitioner. When such meditation techniques are practiced by a large number of people, the meditation can also bless the entire earth and promote harmony and peace.

When meditating on Twin Hearts, divine energy or spiritual energy descends upon the person, filling him with divine light, love and power. Divine energy that passes through the spiritual cord and the centers flows to the aura. This leads to the flushing out of negative thoughts and emotions, thereby cleansing the aura . This Divine Energy has Different Names in Different Religions and Different Cultures:

  • In Taoist Yoga , this energy is called heaven ki.
  • In Kabbalah, the divine energy is called the pillar of light.
  • Indian yogis refer to this divine energy as antahkarana.
  • Christians call it the descent of the Holy Spirit, which is symbolized by a pillar of light with a descending dove.
  • Christian arts depict the divine energy as Jesus or the saints with a pillar of light on top of their head with a descending white dove.
  • Experience gathered from this Meditation Technique

    Regular and consistent practitioners of this form of meditation can experience being encompassed by dazzling light or being filled with dazzling light in the head. This has been experienced by advanced yogis and saints of different schools of religions.

    Activation of Chakras

    Self realization can only be achieved when the mind and emotions are still. When the mind and emotions are chaotic, 'becoming aware of one's true nature' (Buddhism) or 'illumination'(Christianity) is very difficult.

    Though the sex chakra or swadhishtana chakra , the basic chakra or mooladhara chakra and the solar plexus chakra or manipura chakra are activated in most people, the activation of the heart and the crown chakra are often neglected. By practicing the Meditation of Twin Hearts, a person can become more harmoniously balanced (intelligent plus emotionally matured). This form of meditation can help in the activation of all the major chakras. Source-Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul by Master Choa Kok Sui


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