The ancient art and science of pranic healing and arhatic yoga

Magnetic healing

Magnetic Healing

Magnetic healing was developed by a german doctor by the name of Franz Mesmer, a physician who was born on 23 may 1734. He studied medicine at the university of Vienna. Magnetic healing is based on “animal magnetism” which is an “invisible fluid” in the body. In the 1770’s, he was unjustly accused of fraud by the physicians of Vienna and went to Paris, France. There, again, he encountered serious problems with the french medical establishment. Later, mesmerism became what is now known as hypnosis and the healing part became known as magnetic healing.

Just by reading the earlier paragraph you will notice that the idea of magnetic healing is rather difficult to comprehend. Nevertheless, magnetic healing as a healing art, produced some results, therefore, it requires further investigation.

Theosophy and magnetic healing

A few of early theosophists practiced healing, to be exact, magnetic healing. Magnetic healing uses “animal magnetism’ for healing. The use of this incorrect terminology has made the study and understanding of magnetic healing very confusing. This is why, when the thesophists transferred energy to a glass of water or an object, they use the term to “magnetize” the water or to “magnetize” the object. Theosophy contain a vast, priceless ancient teachings but still, the healing art needed more clarity and development.

Magnetic healing also uses the term “passes” or “sweeping” on the entire body. Whether the practitioner understands the purpose is doubtful. The practitioner would draw out so called “blockages” with the left hand, absorb it into the body of the healer and release it through the right hand. This technique is very dangerous to the healer because of contamination from diseased energy. The book entitled, the etheric double by A.E. Powell states, “... the operator” (which is the term used for magnetic healer) “will to withdraw (draw out) from the patient congested or diseased etheric matter”. The concept of diseased energy was rather nebulous in magnetic healing. It was not understood by most magnetic healers otherwise they could not have used the “drawing out technique”.

Also, the magnetic healers did not understand the purpose of making passes or sweeping the entire body. If they had understood the purpose of sweeping which was the cleansing the aura or removing of diseased energy, they would have applied localized sweeping on the affected part instead of using the drawing out technique which is dangerous.

The practitioner of magnetic healing when sweeping the entire body, should adopt the “cupped hand position”. Why? Based on clairvoyant observation, grayish light or diseased energy is scooped out of the body of the patient. This is good, but it is not enough. The health rays are still drooping or entangled. Therefore, in Pranic Healing the “spread finger position” had to be developed by MCKS and added when applying “general sweeping” in order to disentangle and strengthen the health rays so as to further accelerate the healing process of the body. The term “short circuiting” was also adopted from magnetic healing.

In Esoteric Healing by Alice Bailey, the terms magnetic healing and radiatory healing were used. These terms were formulated by Alice Bailey, not by her spiritual Teacher. It was stated by Alice Bailey herself that the choice of words in writing the books was left to her discretion. In this case, because of the use of these terms, the development of the healing art into a science was much more difficult.

The book, Esoteric Healing, written through Alice Bailey by the Holy Master D.K., contains many priceless teachings and hints.