The ancient art and science of pranic healing and arhatic yoga

A Happier Life through Energy Healing

A Happier Life through Energy Healing

The law of life energy states that for life to exist, prana or life energy must exist in the body. This process of using prana to heal the body is known as energy healing. If life energy is increased in the effected part or on the whole body, the healing process can be accelerated to a great extent. It is the same when electrical energy is used as a catalyst to increase the rate of a certain chemical reactions. You must have noticed that a certain bruise, cut, burn or scratch heals by itself after a certain period of time even if we do not apply any medicine. The human body has the capacity of recovering itself and when we apply pranic energy to the effected part, it can increase the rate of recovery or healing tremendously. Here, the pranic energy applied in the wounded part or the effected part of the body, thus, acts as a catalyst in the process of energy healing. This increasing rate of self recovery is what we call miraculous healing.

Healing through Energizing

In Pranic healing , a healer can project prana or life energy to another person for aura body healing. This in return heals the etheric body and finally, the visible physical body. Pranic healing is a no-touch energy healing therapy. The healer applies prana or life energy to the energy body or the aura. Prana or life energy is all around us. All we need to know is how to absorb it from the surrounding. Air, water, food, ground and even a huge and healthy tree could be a great source of prana or life energy. A huge amount of life energy or prana could be felt around any old, huge and healthy tree. If a tired or a sick person lies down around or underneath these trees, they can absorb a lot of tree prana and feel a lot better in a very short period of time. Three more types of pranic energy are solar prana from the sun, air prana from the air and ground prana from the ground. When we expose our self to the sun, our body can absorb solar prana, but since solar prana is very potent, it is advisable not to expose one’s self to sun prana for a long time. We absorb air prana while we are breathing. Our feet absorb ground prana while walking. If we walk barefoot increases the chances of absorbing more ground prana.

During an energy healing session after a through cleansing of the affected body area or the entire body, a healer applies prana to energize the body. The human body has several major and thousands of minor bioplasmic channels which in yoga are called nadis. Energy or prana flows through these channels which nourishes the whole body and helps the body in recovering the diseased parts.

So after a long and tiring day when our body is feeling tired and exhausted it is majorly because we have lost a lot of energy. Absorbing life energy or prana from various sources can revitalize our energy body and hence the visible physical body.


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