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Crystal Healing: Take a Look into a Healthier Future through Pranic Crystals

What is Pranic Crystal Healing?

What is Pranic Crystal Healing?

The art of using crystals as instruments in Pranic healing is known as Pranic Crystal Healing. Here healing is done by focusing the healing energy of crystals on the affected part of the body or the chakras in the human body.

Three Essential Properties of Crystals

What are the most essential properties of a crystal?

1. Subtle Energy Condenser
Crystals and chakra stones are known to possess the quality of condensing energy. Therefore, a crystal can be used to absorb, store, project and focus subtle energies. This can be understood better with the following example. Let us consider a rechargeable battery. It can be used to absorb, store and release electrical energy. Similarly a crystal can absorb, store, project and focus Pranic energy.

2. Programmable
If we observe a natural crystal clairvoyantly, we will see small sparks of light inside. These little sparks of light are the sparks of consciousness. This is very basic form of consciousness. A natural crystal will have more sparks of consciousness as compared to a synthetic crystal; hence, a natural crystal will be superior to a synthetic crystal and will be a better choice for crystal healing.

Unlike people, plants or animals, a crystal does not have any will power because it does not have a mind of its own. So it will follow any instruction without posing any resistance. If we say “absorb pranic energy”, it will absorb Pranic energy and if we say “project pranic energy”, it will project pranic energy.

3. Chakral Activators
Crystals or chakra stones can also be used to activate the chakras. This means that crystals can be used as chakral activators. If we place a crystal directly on the chakra, the chakra gets activated. If a clairvoyant takes a look at the chakra after it is activated by a crystal, he will see that the chakra appears to be bigger, rotates faster and has more energy. A crystal will not only activate the chakra on which it has been placed but will also activate the lower ones.

Basic Techniques of Crystal Healing

There are four basic techniques used in processing and utilizing a crystal for Crystal healing:

  • Cleansing is the process of removal of the dirty energy.
  • Charging is the process of putting pranic energy into the crystal.
  • Programming is the process of giving instructions to the crystal.
  • Stabilizing is done so that the absorbed Pranic energy will stay longer in the crystal.

Since people and animals have the capacity to think. This gives them consciousness and will power. This is why they may or may not follow every instruction. If we tell them to do something, they can resist. If we command an animal to do something it may or may not obey us because it has will power. Even plants have consciousness. It has been observed that when a person talks to them, they tend to grow faster, bigger and healthier. Plants have will power too, but to a lesser degree.


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