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What is study

What is Study

"One way to start on the spiritual path is by reading good books."

-Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

Books could be Our Best Friends

Study is very important for the growth of a human being both intellectually and spiritually. The more we study, the more we open ourselves to knowledge. With knowledge comes the power to validate everything we get to know. We do not need to believe everything that we are taught. Study helps us to gain the knowledge that allows us to ignore superstitions. As we grow as a civilization, we study the others and their way of living, we can take a lot from what they have to offer. It is always a good thing to drop our drawbacks and adapt ourselves to new and improved ways of living. A river cannot flow with a lot of silt; it has to deposit that on its two banks to move on. Study gives us the knowledge as to when it is the right time to leave behind all the silt in our life and move on for a better future.

Growing as an Individual

Master has studied a lot of spiritual and religious books from all around the world and hence was able to gift us with all the ancient meditations and teaching which were on the verge of extinction. Master says we should have the will to study. There is no reason as to why we should not read books. Reading good books helps us in personal growth. The difference between the right and the wrong, between virtues and vices actually becomes clearer and precise. We not only become aware of what we should and should not do but also why we do it. A good spiritual book is a unique gift in itself. It is like feeding our soul with spiritual energy . Reading a lot of spiritual books elevates us to the next level of spirituality .

Spiritual Books are good food for the soul. When you read a good book, the Shakti goes to you.

-Master Choa Kok Sui.

But the question remains what to read. Here it gets a little critical. Not all books are great. Not all of them will be able to impart knowledge and help us grow. Master advises us to be selective in such scenarios. It is not right to waste our time on doubtful books.

Be selective. Do not waste your time reading doubtful books. Most books are not fantastic. Garbage in, garbage out.

-Master Choa Kok Sui.

Master advises us to be selective about what books we read. If good books can help us grow, then bad and doubtful books can hinder our growth.

To keep ourselves on the latest happenings and how far we have evolved as a species. That is why it is good to pick up a best seller every once in a while and indulge ourselves in it.

Studying about the latest developments and discoveries keeps us updated with time. We know what is going on around us.

As master has said in his books, Studying books helps you to understand your inner personal experience.


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