The ancient art and science of pranic healing and arhatic yoga

The five pillars of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga

  • The five pillars of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga

    What are the Five Pillars of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga?

    A Pillar, by name, means a structure that is built to support a building or a construction. A good set of pillars will give rise to a great and strong building and if the pillars of any building are weak, then chances are the building will not sustain for a long time. Along with character building, Master also talked about the five pillars of Pranic healing that will help the spiritual practitioners to grow in all aspects of their lives.
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  •  What is Devotion?

    What is Devotion?

    Master Choa Kok Sui has explained why devotion and reverence is important to achieve higher spiritual teachings. According to Master, Devotion, Faith, Sharanagati does not mean surrender. Devotion to God can be defined as love and respect towards Him and reverence to God means regards and deep respect towards Him.
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  •   Achieve the Impossible through Devotion(Sharanagati)

    Achieve the Impossible through Devotion(Sharanagati)!

    Devoting ourselves to our spiritual teacher means removing the inner resistance. By removing the resistance, we become more conductive. The guru can help us to lead a life of wisdom and peace, but we need to have the right kind of devotion for that.
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  •  what is purification

    What is Purification?

    Purification has been divided into physical purification and inner purification. These two has been further divided into do’s and don’ts. Purification is important because with it our physical and energy body would not be able to withstand greater amount of spiritual and subtle energies received from divine being. If our physical and energy body is not ready to receive higher level of energy the body might face damage if exposed to the same.
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  • Inner Purification takes you a Step closer to Spirituality

    Inner Purification takes you a Step closer to Spirituality

    The importance of character building and inner purification before practicing higher spirituality has been repeated time and again by Master in his teachings. Master has explained that our vices too are energies. Therefore, these negative qualities can be disintegrated like negative energies. But this would only be possible if we are aware and willing to do the same
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  • What is tithing

    What is Tithing?

    It is a pure law of nature. We get what we give. What goes around comes around. So if we reverse it we can get what we want by giving the same things. That is why master has emphasized on character building. Tithing and service is a big part of character building. So if we want money, if we want to be wealthy, we need to give money. It is advisable to give about 10 percentages of what we earn to charitable and spiritual causes.
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  • What is service

    What is service?

    helping people during their times of need are some common ways of serving the humanity. We also get rewarded for the same by our great lord. When we do service our chakras become bigger, when the chakras are bigger than before, we need to do more service. It is like bigger boats come with a responsibility to carry more loads.
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  • What is Study

    What is Study?

    Study is very important for the growth of a human being both intellectually and spiritually. The more we study, the more we open ourselves to knowledge. But the question remains what to read. Here it gets a little critical. Not all books are great. Not all of them will be able to impart knowledge and help us grow. If good books can help us grow, then bad and doubtful books can hinder our growth
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