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What is Purification

What is purification

"Spiritual purification is very important. Whatever weaknesses are within the disciple will be magnified. Whatever is in the soil sprouts. Your tendencies will come out.
The body has to be prepared through proper diet and proper physical exercise so that the body can handle more spiritual energy.
Too much intense divine energy, too much divine oneness, too much divine ecstasy may cause the body to become sick, to permanently damaged or die. "

-Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

Purification has been divided into physical purification and inner purification. These two has been further divided into do’s and don’ts.

Why is purification important? Purification is important because with it our physical and energy body would not be able to withstand greater amount of spiritual and subtle energies received from divine being. If our physical and energy body is not ready to receive higher level of energy the body might face damage if exposed to the same.

Physical Purification

Physical purification includes: Proper Diet Abstinence Physical and breathing exercises before Meditation Physical exercises after Meditation

Master says that our diet affect our aura a lot. For example, pork meat and pork oil has dirty and gross energy. Eating pork meat or pork lard will cause our chakras and channels to get clogged up. This will manifest physical problems like chronic fatigue syndrome, overheating of the body, chronic insomnia, skin rashes, severe hypertension and few other physical discomforts. Few other foods that are advisable to avoid are catfish or eel. They may not be as dirty as pork but are still dirty. Seafood with no scales should be avoided or at least minimized.

Other than the above mentioned food, addictive drugs, hallucinogenic drugs and smoking should be strictly avoided by disciples aspiring for becoming Arhats. Alcohol is permissible but definitely in a limited quantity.

It is very important to practice physical and breathing exercises to make our body ready to receive spiritual energy. Therefore, it is important to practice the same before meditation. If our energy body is not ready for the divine energy, the received energy will clog the chakras and cause physical problems. It is also important to practice physical exercise after meditation. This helps us in releasing the excessive energy from our body. After every meditation, Master advises to massage the scalp, hands, shoulders and various parts of our body to avoid energy congestion. It also helps in getting rid of old and dirty energy to make room for the fresh energy received from the meditation.

Inner Purification

Character is the manifestation of the degree of soul contact. When you are out of balance, the connection between you and your higher becomes minimal.

Weak character reflects the weakness of the soul. When soul connection is not strong, the chakras rather than the soul, control the lower bodies. Ask, “Who is the boss, the soul or the chakras?”

If you master character building, it shows that your soul is evolving.

Master Choa Kok Sui

Master, in all his writings and teaching has emphasized on character building. He says that what we have in our character will be further magnified with meditation. So if we want to grow spiritually, we need to purify our inner self. We have to give up wrong thoughts, we have to practice forgiveness and work on minimizing our negative karma. This needs to be practiced regularly and repeatedly. Then only we will be able to get closer to our higher soul.

Problems arise from lack of principle, lack of character, lack of integrity, and lack of moderation. Purge yourself of weakness or negative qualities!

Master Choa Kok Sui

Master Choa Kok Sui has designed a unique technique of Inner purification which is commonly known as The Blue Triangle technique where the Blue Triangle acts as our psychic garbage bin.


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