The ancient art and science of pranic healing and arhatic yoga

Loving-Kindness and Non-Injury

What is Devotion

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui has explained why devotion and reverence is important to achieve higher spiritual teachings. Accordin g to Master, Devotion, Faith , Sharanagathi does not mean surrender. As per him, surrender makes our Ajna chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura Chakra smaller. It would mean reducing our internal resistance. The Sat Guru is like the electrical outlet through which we receive divine blessing from God that is passed on by the Great Ones.

So, what is devotion? Devotion to God can be defined as love and respect towards Him and reverence to God means regards and deep respect towards Him. Master says that devotion to God or at least reverence towards Him is important to become Arhatic Yogi. If we cannot get ourselves to practice devotion to God or even Sat Guru we will resist ourselves from receiving divine blessings from God.

Master's View on What is Devotion?

Why did Master feel the necessity of teaching the five pillars of Pranic Healing to his disciples? While teaching Arhatic Level one, Level two and Level three, Master realized that the young spiritual aspirants were not like Him when he was of their age. He knew that practicing Arhatic Yoga under such conditions would be tantamount to physical and spiritual suicide. So it was necessary for Him to develop a Preparatory Level for them so that they could go could go up to the higher levels of Arhatic Yoga . These fundamentals were known as the Five Pillars of Pranic Healing. Devotion to the Supreme Being and reverence to the Spiritual Teacher is one of the Pillars. As mentioned earlier, without devotion it is not possible to receive divine blessings and without divine blessings higher spiritual teachings is not possible.

Being Conductive

When you have inner conductivity your development is accelerated. The purpose of being spiritually conductive is to be able to plug into the spiritual energy of the teacher.

Being conductive from the point of view of the intellect from the point of view of the intellect is the smart thing to do. Being conductive from the point of view of the will is the practical things to do.

Master Choa Kok Sui

Along with Devotion, Sharanagathi is also very important. Sharanagathi is to remove internal resistance so that we can become more and more conductive to the blessing of God passed through the Sat Guru. It is to have the faith to follow the Sat Guru. This does not make us weak, it makes us powerful. How do we achieve this reverence or Sharanagathi? We need to tell this to our Sat Guru, Yes I am your disciple, yes I am your servant; but spiritually we are one

Ancient Hinduism reveals Hanuman as the foremost Yogi! He had tremendous Sharanagathi. The reverence to Sat Guru gives us internal conductivity and receptivity. This brings us divine blessings. It is the same logic where electricity flow through good conductors and we get light. Our Aura increases when we are conductive to the Shakti or blessing of Sat Guru. Sharanagathi can remove mountains and mountains here symbolize mountains of obstacles. It is advised to never lose faith and devotion in Sat Guru if you want to grow spiritually.