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Aura: You are Not Just Your Physical Body

Aura: You are Not Just Your Physical Body

The aura is the light around the body. Every person has an aura. The auras of saints can be seen because their auras are very strong. For ordinary people, it is difficult to see their auras because they are not as strong. Inside the aura are grayish clouds of negative thoughts and emotions that you have generated for many years. You think and feel everyday, 365 days a year, so you can imagine how many thoughts and emotions have accumulated inside your aura. These thoughts and emotions are clairvoyantly seen as grayish clouds floating in the auras of ordinary people.

What is Inner Noise?

In MCKS Achieving Oneness with Higher Soul you will learn that when you sit down to meditate, have you not noticed that many thoughts pop in and out of your mind? This is called “inner noise.” Actually, the mind has always been jumping from one thing to another. You were simply not aware of it. The grayish clouds of thoughts and emotions within the aura are a major source of inner noise. Inner noise interferes with the communication between the higher soul and the incarnated soul. It prevents the higher soul from contacting the incarnated soul.

Ramana Maharishi , a great yogi and saint, used a certain technique to get rid of the inner noise. He sat down, and simply looked at the clouds of thoughts and emotions, then starved them to death. Thoughts and emotions are living beings so when you look at them and you do not react, you do not feed them. In this way they gradually lose their energy and just disintegrate. This process takes a long time.

There are times when the higher soul wants to communicate with the incarnated soul. The higher soul keeps on “shouting” at the incarnated soul, but it does not hear. It does not respond. This is not because the incarnated soul is deaf. The inner noise, generated by turbulent energies in the aura and also in the energy centers, makes it difficult for the higher soul to communicate with the incarnated soul.

Cleansing the Aura and Achieving Inner Calmness

To enable the higher soul to communicate with the incarnated soul, it is important to achieve stillness. You cannot achieve soul realization by simply trying to still the mind. It is important to purify and disintegrate the grayish clouds of noisy thoughts and emotions inside your aura. This can be done by using the spiritual flushing-out technique. When a person does Meditation on Twin Hearts, the heart chakra or anahata chakra and the crown chakra or the sahasrara chakra are used to bless the entire earth, every person and every being with loving-kindness. The meditator becomes a channel for this spiritual energy.

As the spiritual energy comes down through the spiritual cord into the crown center and into the heart center, it radiates out into the aura, causing the turbulent, noisy thoughts and emotions to be flushed out. Some of them are disintegrated. Through the regular practice of Meditation on Twin Hearts , the aura becomes relatively clean within a short period. You will experience inner calmness. Once inner calmness has been achieved, the meditator is ready to practice inner stillness.

Meditation on the Gap to Achieve Inner Stillness

In India, there is a saying that if the water is rough, you cannot see through it. On the other hand, if the water is calm, you will be able to see through it. In the same way, when your mind and emotions are still, you can see your true nature. You can achieve oneness with your higher soul. In Buddhism this is called “Realizing one’s (higher) Buddha nature.”

How do you achieve stillness? You do not achieve stillness by stopping the thinking process, but by being aware of the inner stillness. Where is this inner stillness located? It is in the “gap.” The mantra OM helps, but it is not enough. What is more important is being aware of the interval between two OMs. Between two OMs is a gap or stillness. This is called Meditation on the Gap.

Awareness Meditation

When you do Awareness Meditation on the Breath, you must not only be aware of the inhalation and exhalation. What is more important is that one should be aware of the gap between inhalations and exhalations, and between exhalations and inhalations. Within this gap there is stillness. One must be aware repeatedly of this stillness.

Practicing Awareness Meditation on the Thoughts is advisable. Not only should you be aware of the thoughts going in and out of the mind, but also be aware of the interval or gap between the two thoughts, because in this gap there is stillness. By repeatedly being aware of this inner stillness, one will be able to achieve expansion of consciousness. The practice of repeating mantras is also good, but like other meditational practices it is more important to be aware of the gap between the two mantras because the stillness is in the gap. Psalm 46: 10 states, “Be still and know that I am God.” By practicing stillness, one becomes aware of the Divine Presence not only within one’s self; one also becomes aware of the pervasive presence of the Divine.


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