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The Simple Law of Karma: What Goes Around Comes Around!

The Simple Law of Karma: What Goes Around Comes Around!

As children, our needs and requirements are very low- food, clothes, sleep. As we grow up, our wants start growing slowly and gradually. Slowly we realize as much as we work hard to achieve something, somehow we fail or the results are not satisfactory. Something holds us back. So how do we get desired results? How do we increase our earnings? How do we get higher education? How do we build our own house? In other words, how do we get prosperity? Let’s see what Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui has said in this regards:

“The law of Karma is unbreakable. The Golden Rule, when applied positively and negatively (yang and yin), will produce harmony and prosperity in your life and protect you from the vicissitudes of life.”

I know what you all are thinking! How does it work? Let’s go in to a little detail. What seed would you plant if you want apples? The answer obviously is apple seeds. It is the Universal truth that what a man sows, is what he will reap. Therefore, if you want good things to happen to you, you need to generate good Karma for yourself.

So what are the ways of generating good Karma for ourselves?

Let us understand Karma first. Karma , in Sanskrit is called Karm, in Pali is known as Kamma, means our actions. Our actions in the present define our future. If we are able to know and understand Karma properly we would be able to change and modify our destiny accordingly. Therefore, to get a specific result, we need to create actions that would inevitably lead us to our expectations.

Now it is very important for us to decide what we are looking forward to in our life. Some of us are looking for higher education, some are looking for success and some are looking just for happiness. So how do we use Law of Karma and achieve what we want? Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui has explained it in the easiest way possible. He said “Do unto others what you would have them do unto you”, also, “Do not do unto others what you would not have them to unto you.” So, if we do not want people to lie to us, we need to be truthful to others. If we do not want people to cheat us, we need to be honest to others. The similar rule applies on money and prosperity. When the law of Karma is applied positively, it will give us desired results and will make us happy and peaceful. If this universal law is used properly by individuals as well as nations, it can bring world peace!

So we can notice one thing that Law of Karma not only helps us to get desirable results from our life, it also helps us to build our character. As grandmaster has said “Both pleasant and unpleasant experiences are necessary for our growth. All are ultimately good.” If we build our character in a way when we can learn from our past mistakes, we can forgive easily, love unconditionally, do good for the less fortunate, be honest and true to not only other but also to ourselves, we can actually create the Karma that can lead us to a better and happy future.


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