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Wesak blessed Water

Wesak blessed Water

From all the water in the world only 3% is fresh, and from this 3% only less than one third is available!!! This means that only 1% of the earth’s water is usable, and the rest is frozen in glaciers and polar ice caps or is deep within the earth which is beyond our reach. In other words from 100 liters of earth’s water, only about half a tablespoon is fresh and usable!

As the population is growing, more and more people are using this limited resource. So it is getting more and more important to make use of water we have wisely and not to waste it. We often waste so much water while taking shower, brushing the teeth and gardening which we can change and try to preserve more of this %1 precious water for everyone.

Besides considering the physical aspect of using water, there is an energy aspect also that need to be addressed. Water has the ability to absorb energy. Therefore, how the water is processed and stored affects its quality. About two third of our body is water, so it is very important to also take care of its energy counterpart.

As drinking fresh & clean water brings a better health for us, drinking energetically contaminated water disturbs our health. This is one of the reasons why spiritual practitioners bless water after their meditations especially during wesak festival and full moons and call it “blessed water.” The belief is that the blessed water promotes physical & psychological health as it is charged by positive divine energies!

Each year the Lord of the World, our God, sends a blessing to his people on Earth through His intermediaries – the Buddha (who adds Wisdom) and Christ (who adds Love). This occurs at the May full moon in a protected valley in the Himalayas. Pilgrims from all over the world and the New Group of World Servers participate. The festival’s purpose is enlightenment; dispelling glamour, ignorance, confusions and illusions hindering humanity from the Path of Return. Many participate through intention, dreams and visualization. Let’s join them.

As we enter the Wesak Valley, we see it’s filled with pilgrims. In the North East is an altar. On it a crystal bowl filled with water. In front of the altar are the Great Teachers (Christ and the Lords of Civilization), the Hierarchy (inner spiritual government) behind them.

A great stillness & expectancy settles in the valley. A few moments prior to the Full moon a point of brilliant light (like a Sun) appears over the horizon gradually approaching the altar. A golden light fills the valley. At the exact full moon moment, we realize the light hovering over the altar is actually Lord Buddha dressed in saffron robes, his hand extended in a mudra (blessing). Buddha’s appearance and world blessing last for exactly eight (8) minutes.

As the Buddha gradually fades out of sight the World Teacher turns and facing those present, begins reciting the Great Invocation (the World Prayer) transmitting to Earth & her kingdoms the yearly blessing from the Father. Reciting the Great Invocation with the World Teacher, we visualize Earth transforming into a blue lotus surrounded by a network of golden triangles. As the Will-to-Good streams into the world, darkness, separations and illusions dissipate. As we drink the Wesak waters distributed to everyone in the valley we’re filled with Light. For the rest of the year, all who encounter us see this light. They are uplifted and transformed.