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Universal & Kabbalistic Meditation On The Lord's Prayer®

Universal & Kabbalistic Meditation On The Lord\'s Prayer®

"Each line of the Lord’s Prayer is actually like a password phrase to trigger or turn on or highly awaken each of the power centers. It’s just like a key to each one. It turns them on and then when that happens as that divine energy comes down when you say the Lord’s Prayer in a certain way all the chakras are been cleansed, highly activated, energized and charged increasing your spiritual connection and accelerating your spiritual development"

- Master Choa Kok Sui

The "Lord’s Prayer" is one of the most popular prayers of the World. It rightfully offers back to God what is an integral part of Him. Learn the secrets & power of the Lord's Prayer Now. The meditations on the Lord's Prayer are techniques for spiritual development using two versions of meditation "the Universal and the Kabbalistic" by meditating on the meaning of each phrase... We can experience the Spirit behind the Form.

During this fascinating one day workshop, you will be enlightened and empowered by the teaching and the esoteric practice that include:

  • Lord's Prayer, a system for Spiritual development which uses energy centers of the body. Through the practice and experience of this meditation, the Chakras or the Energy centers are cleansed, energized and activated.
  • Usage of Tree of Life to effortlessly transmute sexual energy into Spiritual Bliss.
  • The deeper use of - Chakras or energy vortices, which have physical, psychological and spiritual functions, along with the regulation of lower emotions and the Kundalini energy.
  • An insight and understanding of the functions & uses of Eleven Chakaras for quick Spiritual Awakening.
  • Inner purification leading to Spiritual Bliss or Ananda that help Soul Awakening. The Soul is a being of Divine intelligence, Divine Love, Divine Power

To experience these qualities, one must understand Lord's Prayer, from "Within" Lord 's Prayer is an offering of our whole being to the divine.

MCKS Universal and Kabbalistic Meditation on the Lord’s Prayer course takes 1 day.

Prerequisite: MCKS Basic Pranic Healing

Note: The courses should be taken in order since each level prepares the base for the later. The instructor himself along with the students practices the techniques while teaching. After every course an internationally accepted attendance certificate is given by Master Choa Kok Sui’s  Institute for Inner Studies or World Pranic Healing Foundation.


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  • October 02, 2023

    Michelle L.
    Kenya, Nairobi

    I found this course an excellent recap of information that I had learned on other courses and the coming together of many concepts of Pranic Healing and spirituality. It was insightful and interesting. I really enjoyed the meditation.

  • June 23, 2023

    Nagehan T.
    Turkey, Ankara

    With this conference the awareness of my soul and coinsionness has greatly increased. I’ m a member of this community for a long time and I enjoy these conferences everytime. My main goal was facing my innerself and I easily say that it made me reach my goal.

  • June 20, 2023

    Ilhan K.
    Turkey, Ankara

    Muazzam bir eğitim. Kitaplarda bulamayacağım birçok yeni bilgi edindim. Çakralar hakkında daha önceden bilmediğim yeni bilgiler edindim. Ruhsal yolda ilerlerken çok büyük yardımcı olacak bu ilahi ışık, ilahi aşk, ilahi güç üzerinize olsun rahmet için şükürler olsun.

  • June 20, 2023

    Zehra Pinar C.
    Turkey, Ankara

    Yeni bilgiler edindiğim bir çalışma oldu.

  • June 19, 2023

    Meltem C.
    Turkey, Ankara

    Derin bilgileri anlamlandırmak insana iyi geliyor. Teşekkürler

  • October 09, 2017

    Namrita B.
    Kenya, Nairobi

    Thoroughly enjoyed learning the deeper essence of the Lord's prayer with relation to the chakras. The spiritual experience was enriching. Loved the Achariya's technique of helping us understand.

  • October 05, 2017

    Daksha S.
    Kenya, Nairobi

    Understood the deeper meaning of the Lord's Prayer in connection with the chakras.
    It was a beautiful class..
    Thank you

  • October 05, 2017

    Harvinder B.
    Kenya, Nairobi

    I loved the course and am so grateful that I was able to attend. Thank you to GMCKS, my spiritual teacher. Master Hermie and the Nairobi Pranic healing centre for organising this.

  • October 05, 2017

    Priti B.
    Kenya, Nairobi

    So much insight was made aware and the meditation was so powerful. As always Its wonderful being among like minded Pranic Healing family and even more brilliant with a Master. Going back home is always hard but knowing that we will meet again and that practicing the teachings brings us all even closer is such a beautiful feeling. Thank you to all the organizers, to Master Hermie and to Master Choa Kok Sui for giving us these wonderful teachings.

  • October 05, 2017

    Sujay V.
    Kenya, Nairobi

    Master Hermie was a wonderful presenter of course.

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