The ancient art and science of pranic healing and arhatic yoga

Spiritual Healers: Miracles are Possible!

Spiritual Healers: Miracles are Possible!

“Principle of Transference: Life energy or prana can be transmitted from one person to another person or object, or from one object to another object or to a person."

-Master Choa Kok Sui

Spiritual healers or divine healers, use divine energy for healing affected chakras and dirty, diseased energy body. What is the source of Divine Energy? God is the ultimate source of all divine energy or spiritual energy. The divine healing energy from the higher beings like great angelic beings, great prophets or avatars, holy masters, arhats or saints, spiritual teachers and others passes to the soul of the spiritual healer. Then this energy passes to the energy body of the healer, then from there the energy passes to the etheric body of the patient and finally to the physical body of the patient.

During the process of healing, a patient has to be receptive. Let’s consider a situation when spiritual healers are drawing energy from the divine energy source and projecting the same to the patient. But somehow the patient is not receptive during the session. What will happen in this scenario? No matter how much the healer might try, he or she will not be able to plant the divine energy in the etheric body of the patient. Therefore, the process of healing could not be completed. A healer has to make sure that the patient is receptive enough for the energy to on him. This could be done with a proper counseling and making the patient comfortable with the healer.

Our master advised that before healing, a healer should always silently pray and asks for divine blessing. After healing it is also important for the spiritual healer to thank the divine god for the healing energy. The healer may use the prayer as mentioned by our master or may also other prayers or improvise prayers for healing or thanksgiving. When divine healing energy is passed from the healer to the patient, it is seen as a flood of electric violet light or a brilliant white light. This healing energy quickly cleanses and energizes the entire body.

Mass Healing

Powerful spiritual healers is able to heal a mass of patients together. The entire process remains same as that of healing one person, but while healing a mass of people together the healer has to visualize all his patients in brilliant white or electric violet light.

Distant Mass Healing

All the patients should be aware of the date and time of the healing so that they can be receptive. The spiritual healer should have pictures of the patients. The rest of the process remains same as that of mass healing.

We know this for a fact and there are plenty of evidences that prove even the most difficult of diseases can be healing with Pranic healing. a powerful spiritual healer and a receptive patient will show the maximum progress in the process of healing of the most critical of diseases. As Master Choa Kok Sui has said: Pranic Healing is a science. It is based on cleansing and energizing. By cleansing or removing the diseased energy from the effected organs or chakras in human body, and energizing them with sufficient prana, healing takes place.


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