The ancient art and science of pranic healing and arhatic yoga

Self Healing: The Power is Within You!

Self Healing: The Power is Within You!

Long hours at office, meeting clients, presentations and other work -drains a lot of energy out of our body. So how can we enjoy our social life post our work hours? This is a question almost all of us ask time and again. A Pranic healer can most certainly heal us and make us feel better even after our most exhausting days. But what if we do not have any healer around us? Who heals us then? Well, if you are a Pranic healer yourself, there are some very easy processes to heal yourself. Not only you can energize your tired body, you can cure ailments by scanning, cleansing and energizing the affected part of the body or the affected chakras in human body . Self Healing is a safe and easy way to have a body, mind and soul.

Various Methods of Self-healing

There are various methods with which we can heal our body. What we need most to heal ourselves is fresh Prana. There is Prana all around us. There is sun prana, air prana, tree prana, ground prana. Earlier days travelers used to rest under big, old trees and after a while they used to feel relaxed and energized because their body would absorb tree prana and air prana from around. This maybe regarded as one of the ancient method of using prana for self healing. In modern days we know the logic behind the upper phenomena and we can consciously heal our bodies by exposing ourselves to the prana around us. If we expose ourselves to the sun, we can absorb sun prana. Walking barefoot on the ground will help us with ground prana. Proper Pranic breathing techniques will help us in absorbing air prana.

How to heal a specific part of our body? It is nothing different than healing someone else. It involves the process of scanning the affected part, cleansing the dirty energy and energizing the body part with fresh energy. What if we get a pain? How do we heal ourselves then? In this case we can do a distant healing of that part of the body just as we would do distant healing of a person who is out of our reach.

Bathing in sea water is quite effective in removal of dirty, diseased energy. But this is not really possible for everyone. So what alternatives do we have? Bathing with water with salt will also help in removing diseased energy from our body as well. Water and salt therapy is a very simple practice but it is very effective. It strengthens the body and makes it stronger.

Meditation on Twin Hearts with chakral healing is also an effective way of self healing. Here the energy centers of the body or the chakras are able to absorb and process fresh and new prana and hence the tiredness and exhaustion of the physical body can be relieved to a great extent.

Self healing is very useful. We can heal a lot of conditions prevailing in our body specially when we are travelling alone and have no one to heal us.


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