The ancient art and science of pranic healing and arhatic yoga


Reiki Healing

According to a Reiki master who studied with Phyllis Furamoto, Reiki uses attunement during initiation and symbols during healing. Practitioners of Reiki use symbols to connect to the Reiki energy.

MCKS has not studied Reiki. Therefore, the preceding paragraph is based on the statement of a Reiki master.

    According to that Reiki practitioner, Reiki does not contain:
  • Sensitizing
  • Scanning
  • Increasing reseptivity
  • General sweeping (General Cleansing)
  • Localized sweeping (Localized Cleansing)
  • Energizing using “hand chakra” technique or with Pranic breathing
  • Stabilizing
  • Cutting and releasing
  • Healing using color pranas
  • Energizing the chakras

Practitioners also do not use a bowel of water and salt. Reiki does not recognize the factor of contamination from diseased energy.