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Ray Seven - Standards, Procedures and Schedules

Ray Three - The Ray of Active Intelligence

Ray seven is known as the ray of structure, organization and ceremonial magic. A ray seven person likes to create and follow structures, responsibilities and standard procedures.

"The word Standardized means to set a definite form that is repeated over and over again"

Master Choa Kok Sui

Ray Seven, the Ray of Structure & Organization

Special Virtues Strength, perseverance, courage, courtesy, extreme care in details, self-reliance.
Vices of Ray Formalism, bigotry, pride, narrowness, superficial judgements, self-opinion, over indulged.
Virtues to be acquired Realization of unity, wide-mindedness, tolerance, humility, gentleness and love.

This is the ceremonial ray, the ray which makes a man delight in "all things done decently and in order," and according to rule and precedent. It is the ray of the high priest and the court chamberlain, of the soldier who is a born genius in organization, of the ideal commissary general who will dress and feed the troops in the best possible way. It is the ray of the perfect nurse for the duck, careful in the smallest detail, though sometimes too much inclined to disregard the patients idiosyncrasies and to try and grind them in the iron mill of routine.

In the ray of form, of the perfect sculptor, who sees and produces ideal beauty, of the designer of beautiful forms and patterns of any sort; but such a man would not be successful as a painter unless his influencing ray were the fourth. The combination of four with seven would make the highest type of artist, form and colour both in excelsis. The literary work of the seventh ray man would be remarkable for its ultra-polished style, and such a writer would think far more of the manner than of the matter in his work, but would always be fluent both in writing and in speech. The seventh ray man would often be sectarian. He will delight in fixed ceremonials and observances, in great processions and shows, in reviews of troops and warships, in genealogical trees, and in rules of precedence.

The bad type of the ray seven man is superstitious, and such a man will take deep interest in omens, in dreams, in all occult practices, and in spiritualistic phenomena. The good type of the ray is absolutely determined to do the right things and say the right word at the right moment; hence great social success.

In healing the ray seven man would rely on extreme exactness in carrying out orthodox treatment of disease. On him the practice of yoga would have no physical bad results.

He will approach the path through the observance of practice and of ritual, and can easily evoke and control the elemental forces.

The prime function of ray seven is to perform the magical work of blending spirit and matter in order to produce the manifested form through which the life will reveal the glory of God.

It would be wise if students would ponder the significance of the coming in of the present ray of ceremonial law or magic. It is the ray that deals with the building forces of nature, that concerns itself with the utilization of the forms intelligently by the life aspect. It is largely the ray of executive work, with the object of building, co-ordinating and producing cohesion in the four lower kingdoms of nature. It is distinguished largely by the energy which manifests itself in ritual, but this word ritual must not be narrowed down to its present use in connection with Masonic, or religious ritual. It’s application is far wider than this, and includes the methods of organization which are demonstrated in all civilized communities, such as in the world of commerce and of finance, and the great business organization everywhere to be seen. Above all, it’s interests lies for us in the fact that it is the ray which brings opportunity to the occidental races, and through the medium of this life force of executive organization, of government by rule and order, by rhythm and by ritual, will come the time wherein the occidental races (with their active, creative mind, and their vast business capacity) can take initiation – an initiation we must remember, upon a ray which is temporarily recognized as a major ray.

A large number of initiates and those who have attained adeptship in the last cycle, have been orientals and those in Hindu bodies. This cycle has been dominated by the sixth ray, which is passing out, and the preceding. In the preservation of equilibrium the time now comes when a period of attainment by occidentals will be seen, and this upon a ray suited to their type of mind. It is interesting to note that the oriental type attains its objective through meditation, with a modicum of executive organization and ritual, and that the occidental will achieve largely through the organization which lower mind produces, and a type of meditation of which intense business concentration might be considered an illumination. The one-pointed application of the mind by a European or American businessman might be regarded as a type of meditation. In the purification of motive lying back of this application will come, for the occidental, his day of opportunity.

...the Quality We Call Radiation.

The higher and more living energy of ray seven is the most active at this time and it’s resultant idealism and consequent New Age concepts are playing upon the sensitive minds of the race and preparing humanity for a great and much needed change. The work of The Ray Of Ceremonial Order is to ground or make physically visible the results of bringing spirit and matter together. Its function is to cloth spirit with matter, producing form.

The powers of magical age are many and one of the reasons why ray seven is now working its appearance is that, owing to the rapid perfecting and integration of the human personality, the higher integration between soul and personality is today more possible and more easily accomplished than ever before. The new forms, through which that much desired consummation can be affected, must be consequently, gradually and scientifically developed. This, as you may well conceive, will be achieved through the intensification of the forces, functioning through the Etheric body, through the coordination of the seven major centers, and the establishing of their rhythmic relationship. Ray seven governs predominantly upon the Etheric levels of the physical plane. It does not govern the dense physical form which is under the control of the third ray. It is the vital or the Etheric body which is responsive to and devolved by the incoming ray seven influence.

Ray Seven is spoken of as governing the mineral kingdom and also manifesting through its mediumship that significant soul characteristic and quality which we call radiation. That word effectively describes the result of soul stimulation upon and within every form. The life of the soul eventually radiates beyond the form and this radiation produces definite and calculated effects.

The Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order or Magic embodies a curious quality which is the outstanding characteristic of the particular Life which ensouling this ray. It is the quality or principle which is the co-ordinating factor unifying the inner quality and the outer tangible form or appearance. This work, goes on primarily on Etheric levels and involves physical energy. This is the true magical work. When the fourth ray and the seventh ray come into incarnation together, we shall have the most peculiar period of revelation and of light bringing. It is said of this time that then the temple of The Lord will take on an added glory and the Builders will rejoice together."

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