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Raja Yoga for Spiritual Oneness

Raja Yoga for Spiritual Oneness

"Heaven is not here or there or anywhere. It is within you! This means that heaven is a higher state of consciousness or the gateway to heaven is within you. By meditating on the crown chakra or the blue Pearl, one can experience heaven while still having physical body."

-Master Choa Kok Sui.

In modern Pranic healing what we call Meditation on the Blue Pearl or Meditation on the Higher Soul, was earlier known as Raja Yoga in ancient India. This technique of meditation is very powerful and was revealed only to a very few students in the past. Raja Yoga or Meditation on the Higher Soul is the practice of the concentration on and awareness of the ‘seed of consciousness’ or the ‘blue pearl’.

What is the need of this awareness?

Master Choa Kok Sui has said:

Awareness helps you to listen to the subtle voice, the whisper of your higher soul. You become aware of your Buddha nature, your soul.

Awareness is necessary for spiritual evolution. To have inner awareness, one must practice self-honesty and detachment.

We cannot achieve oneness with the higher soul without giving up the wrong ideas from our life or freeing ourselves from the lower emotions. When we meditate on the blue pearl, it opens the path of oneness with the higher soul. Similarly, the higher soul can contact the incarnated soul through the blue pearl. The ‘Seed of Consciousness’ or the ‘Blue Pearl’ is located at the center of the head. This is where we need to concentrate during the meditation.

Before beginning the meditation, physical exercise for about 10-15 minutes is highly recommended, followed by a five to seven sets of balancing breathing technique. This prepares our physical as well as energy body for this meditation. Before starting the meditation we need to invoke divine blessing which should be followed by The Soul Affirmation. In between the meditation, the mantra OM and the stillness between the mantra plays a very important role. Just like twin heart meditation, master instructs us to release excess energy by blessing mother Earth after practicing Raja Yoga.

It is not necessary that one will get results of Meditation on Blue Pearl just after meditating once or twice. Mastery over Raja Yoga may take years of constant practice to experience Samadhi. Different people have different experiences during the meditation. Master advises not to visualize the blue pearl. With time it will actually appear in our inner eyes.

Since it is a very powerful form of meditation some precautions are necessary. If one feels any physical problems after the meditation, if they are already suffering from any physical ailment or any psychological problem, then it should restrict it to once a week. Over practice of Raja Yoga under these conditions can lead to energy congestion. Rest of the days we can practice twin hearts and balance the energy and use it for self healing in case of any sicknessin case of any physical or psychological problems. This would prove to be more effective for the practioners.


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