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Get Pranic Energy from the Food You Eat!

The Subtle Power of Spiritual Energy

If you thought that your diet was a healthy one because you make sure you have the right proportion of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins, think again! The food you eat is not merely a source of nutrients for your physical body. You can choose the right foods to feed, nourish and strengthen your energy body as well.

A Truly Balanced Diet

Fresh food contains much more pranic energy than dietary supplements. Our articles on Prana and Pranic Energy will help you understand the nature of this omnipresent life force that energizes every being and you will learn that pranic energy is available to us from the air we breathe, the water we drink or bathe in, the earth we walk on and are rooted to and the sun that lights up our planet. But these are not the only sources of this life-giving energy. Pranic energy is present in everything around you, even your food. You thus need to pay attention to what you eat. A balanced diet thus requires more than just the right mix of nutrients. It requires the right blend of colour pranas.

Different foods are filled with different color pranas and that is what differentiates between the pranic energy you gain from one food and another. Every color prana serves a specific function. The key is balance. As in life, so in food, there needs to be perfect harmony. As Master Choa Kok Sui says with regard to excessiveness, too much of anything is detrimental.

Too much intense divine energy, too much divine oneness, too much divine ecstasy may cause the body to become sick, to permanently damaged or die.
- Master Choa Kok Sui

To Eat or Not to Eat?

Master also warns against certain food items which he believes to contain dirty energy that can do more harm than good. Pork meat, some species of fish, hallucinogenic drugs and tobacco are some of those sources of dirty energy. He also advises against uncontrolled drinking of alcoholic beverages. Moreover, though he does not put any compulsion on abstinence from non-vegetarian food, he does recommend a vegetarian diet for all on the path of spirituality. Through lPranic Healing you learn how to scan the food you eat and clean dirty energy from it before eating it.

Food items like corn, garlic, onions, lemon, cucumber, etc are believed to be great edible sources of pranic energy as they contain beneficial color pranas. Interestingly, most cultures across the globe also consider these foods to be replete with good qualities. Corn and lemon contain orange and green prana both of which are effective in cleansing and de-congesting. High quantities of orange prana in garlic make it a great tool to boost the immune system. Thus, there is so much more that you can actually gain from everything you eat.

We are often asked to pay attention to what comes out of our mouth because words have a lot of power, but it is equally important to keep in mind what goes in!


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