The ancient art and science of pranic healing and arhatic yoga

Mang Dabon

Mang Dabon

MCKS' meeting with Mang Dabon

In early 1971, when MCKS was about 18 years old, he was introduced to mang Dabon by his friend, Samuel. Mang Dabon was his first physical spiritual guide. MCKS regularly visited him twice a week for many years.

Mang Dabon was a devout catholic and he read the holy bible regularly. A high Tibetan lama in his past incarnation, his spiritual teacher was a Tibetan holy master by the name of Chohan Jig Mei Lingpa , who is a direct disciple of Lord Padmasambhava. Lord Padmasambhava who was “born of the lotus flower” , in his past Egyptian life, was known as the chief high priest Nefertem- who was also “born of the lotus flower”. In his Indian incarnation, he was known as Avatar Rama. This is why some Arhatic yogis have seen a blue person with a bow and arrows during their meditations.

Being non-Indian, these Arhatic yogis were unable to identify this being, until it was explained to them that this being is actually the Avatar, Lord Rama. Lord Padmasambhava is also known as Lord Mahaguruji Mei ling.

Great spiritual teachers incarnate in different bodies in different countries in order to accelerate the development of the human race. In some instances, they may even establish new religions. It is absurd to think that a great spiritual teacher would incarnate only once and take a permanent vacation.

It is quite natural for an ordinary soul to incarnate in different bodies, in different cultures and in different religions. This is necessary in order for the soul to have a thorough, complete and balanced development. This is a part of the spiritual development.

Mang Dabon was a powerful healer and an expert practitioner of practical kabbalah. During MCKS’ interaction with him, mang Dabon was able to contact different spiritual beings without the use of magical rituals. He was a very good clairvoyant, the best clairvoyant MCKS has, physically, come across so far.

He was able to consciously leave his body at will and would regularly guide a few selected students in the inner world. Mang Dabon was known as a very powerful healer. There was stories of him being able to raise the dead on two occasions. Stories were also told about him being able to turn off the power of a whole building.

During one of MCKS’ visits, an unusual experiment occurred. MCKS’ finger was used by mang Dabon to direct intense Pranic energy- to literally burn the cancer of a patient. When the patient came back a few weeks later, his outer skin had also been burned and he showed the burned area to us. MCKS has no idea what happened to the patient. Thirty three years have passed and MCKS still has not come across a healer who can duplicate the experiment that was done that evening. Mang Dabon was indeed one of the most powerful healers MCKS has ever met.

For many years we discussed many, many esoteric subjects, but strangely, mang Dabon never taught MCKS or other how to heal. This is probably because mang Dabon was spiritually advanced. All he had to do was to direct his attention and energy to the patient’s affected body part and it would be healed. Because mang Dabon was spiritually advanced, he did not have to use any healing system. He reminded MCKS of great saints and yogis who could heal just by touching or blessing.

Doing simple healing cannot be compared to the extraordinary healing done by mang Dabon. This is why MCKS, who was young at that time, assumed that to do this kind of extraordinary healing, you had to be born a gifted healer. This idea was incorrect.

It is because MCKS’ years of interaction with mang Dabon that his spiritual interest was sustained. Mahaguruji Mei Ling first contacted MCKS through mang Dabon.

As mentioned earlier in this book, Lord Mahaguruji Mei Ling has been MCKS’, sat guru, means the primary permanent spiritual teacher. Mang Dabon was sent ahead before the birth of MCKS, in order to take care of him. The function of mang Dabon were:

  1. To insure MCKS interest in spiritual matters.
  2. To monitor and protect MCKS at a distance.
  3. To help him in his spiritual practice with or without his conscious awareness.

Mang Dabon also read the past lives of MCKS. He said that in one of MCKS’ past lives, MCKS was an English person who authored a certain book or books, thereby hinting that MCKS would be writing books.

Mang Dabon also stated that MCKS would be spreading spiritual teachings. MCKS, who was studying in the university at the time, did not put too much emphasis on the prophecy. He was not aware that he had to write to many books and spread the inner teachings globally. If MCKS had known about his very difficult spiritual mission, he probably would have been overwhelmed by the herculean task and would have avoided completely his destiny.

Lord Mahaguruji Mei Ling and his disciples, being very wise and patient, gently and steadily guided and prepared MCKS to fulfill his dharma, his mission.

Mang Dabon was a kind, loving and helpful person. He was a great yogi, a very good clairvoyant and a powerful healer, an expert practical kabbalist, and a very good friend. Mang Dabon left his body permanently on 1 November 1981 after a medical surgical operation.

Several month after mang Dabon left his body, people from different parts of the Philippines and United State of America went to Cebu city to visit mang Dabon. They claimed to have recently met and talked with him. They said they had been healed by him. When his children informed the visitors he had left his body, the visitors could not believe it. Mang Dabon have never been in the United State of America, yet when several visitors visited his home, they stated that they had been healed by him in the U.S.A.

To convince the visitors their father had left his body, the children of mang Dabon took them to the cemetery and showed them where his body was buried.

Samuel on mang Dabon and MCKS

Before I went into the spiritual path, I was no saint. I was just like most young people, smoking, drinking beer and hard liquor, partying and chasing women. These old habits continued to a lesser degree even after I entered the spiritual path.

In 1971, a friend introduced me to a healing center and introduced me to mang Dabon, known as “Dabon”. To my surprise, when I entered, he smiled at me as though he already knew me and beckoned to me to sit beside him. Then, he asked me if I had come to observe or to learn. I told him, “to observe’. Smiling and almost laughing, he told me it would be better for me to learn. I found him to be so kind-hearted, that I decided to visit him as often as I could. When o became better acquainted with him, he related some of his personal experiments.

Mang Dabon related me to a personal experience about his master. During world war II, he and his family were hiding from the Japanese soldiers in the mountains of Leyte. After his work he would read the bible, but on that day, he was reading a particular passage which he could not understood. He contemplated on it so deeply, that he fell asleep on the floor, with the bible still in his hand. Suddenly, he was awakened by a being, who nudged his elbow with a foot. When he opened his eyes, he saw a big golden being. He looked up. The being was smiling at him and revealed to him the meaning of the passage he had been trying to understand.

At another time, he said that he was awakened again by his master who told him to go to another island because the invading Japanese soldiers were going to pass by their town. He placed his family in a small boat and proceeded to go to another island. While travelling at sea, there was a sudden strong wind which created big waves. They could no longer guide the boat which was forced toward a rocky ledge. Afraid that the boat would be smashed on the rocks, he prayed to God and invoked the help and blessing of his spiritual master. Miraculously, the boat passed through a narrow opening in the rocks, to a safe place inside the island.

He also related to me an event in which he was able to energetically stop the flow of electricity from going into a building- resulting in a power failure in the building.

Samuel meets MCKS

I first met MCKS in the middle part of 1971 in the university cafeteria. I was in my third year of study in chemical engineering. MCKS was also studying chemical engineering, but he was in his first year.

I vividly remember the occasion. I was reading a book on yoga. I glanced up to rest my eyes and saw a scholarly young student approaching me. He was wearing a bright green t-shirt and unpolished leather shoes without socks. As he came closer, he asked me about my esoteric interests other than yoga. I answered that so far, I had read only books on yoga, but that I wanted to learn about other esoteric sciences. I told MCKS that I had six books on yoga and offered to lend him one. He answered, “why not?” then, he said that he would lend me some of his books. I was so eager to know about his books and asked him, “when can we exchange books?” he told me we could go to his house at about the same time next week.

On the way to his house the following week, he led me through a shortcut, through some narrow streets. I thought that he lived in one of those small, poor houses, because he was modestly clothed and was so unassuming in his manner. But to my surprise, we ended up at a big building which was his residence. I was even more startled to see that he had a library of many esoteric books. I was so glad that he befriended me. This started the beginning of my education in the esoteric sciences. He lent me books on Edgar Cayce, on the Kabbalah, on the Golden Dawn, books by George Gurdieff, by Arthur Edward Powell, Rosicrucian books, Astara books and others. He also lent me many theosophical books including the Secret Doctrine by Madame Blavatsky.

In 1971, I invited MCKS to visit a friend of mine, who was a practicing Kabbalist, mang Dabon. We went to visit mang Dabon in his healing center in Pasil, a ghetto in Cebu city. When we entered the healing center, he was quite busy healing a patient. Suddenly, he turned his head and acknowledged our presence as though he knew we were coming. Then, he called me and whispered in my ear that my friend is a practitioner of the inner sciences. He asked MCKS to come nearer and I introduced them.

Mang Dabon was a man for the common people. His patients were mostly poor people. Most rich people would not think of going into a dangerous ghetto for healing.

We had a lively conversation regarding healing and the manipulation of the energies. On the third visit to the healing center of mang Dabon, an interesting event happened. I noticed that a fly was flying around, disturbing our conversation. MCKS asked, “would you like to see a demonstration of the manipulation of energy?” he then pointed his finger at the fly and the fly got stuck on the floor. I noticed it stayed there for a while. I tried to shoo it off, but it would not fly away, so I instinctively tried to step on the fly but MCKS gestured to me not to do it. I also noticed that mang Dabon nodded his head with approval, signifying that MCKS was already relatively advanced in his practices.

On another occasion, MCKS did an experiment by energizing my forehead area with his right index finger, projecting a beam of energy into my forehead chakra. I felt my forehead become warm. After a few minutes, I felt something like a cork screw boring into my head. This energy seemed to have activated my clairvoyance faculty because after that, I could spontaneously see spirit beings more clearly and frequently. The accelerated development of my clairvoyant faculty was an unexpected benefit.

Then we did another experiment. I asked MCKS if I put on an energy shield, whether I would still feel it if he project energy to me. He said yes, so I shielded myself. He then projected a bolt of energy. It bounced off. So MCKS increased the intensity of the projected energy by several times. When it hit me, I had to move my right foot behind me in order to prevent my body from falling backward. This stronger energy bolt penetrated my energy shield and I felt a tearing sensation in my chest.

After the experiment, I returned home a bit dizzy. Three days after this energy experiment, I noticed a lump in my throat. When I spat it out, it was blood. So I went to another well respected healer, mang Nenet, and asked him to clairvoyantly check to see what was wrong with me. He responded that there was a hole in the inner aura the size of his little finger. He did healing in me could not close the hole in my energy body. Then, he said I should go back to the person who had done this and ask that person to heal me. This accident occurred in about 1972, but I didn’t tell MCKS about it. Because I was hard headed and thought I could heal myself, I didn’t ask MCKS to heal me until 2003. After his healing, the pain vanished instantly and I have had no reoccurrence of the pain since.

All of these three experiments were done in 1971 and 1972 when MCKS was only 19 years old.

A few weeks later, there was another interesting event. Mang Dabon was healing a middle aged patient who had stomach cancer. Mang Dabon took the right hand of MCKS and pointed MCKS’ finger at the patient. Mang Dabon projected energy through the finger of MCKS. The patient was visibly affected. He appeared to be uneasy, because he felt uncomfortable was trying to control his movements. After a few minutes, the healing session ended. The patient was instructed to come back. Several weeks later, he showed the previously treated area. We saw that even the outer skin on the abdominal area had been visibly burned.

On another occasion, I went to mang Dabon’s healing center quite early, before mang Dabon arrived. I saw some patients and asked one of them if he would mind my healing him. I made several hand passes over his shoulder which the patient claimed was aching. Then, mang Dabon arrived. He shook his head in disapproval. He told me that I was doing it all wrong and took over. He healed the patient for a few minutes after which the patient told mang Dabon the pain was completely gone.

Another interesting event happened during one of my visits. Mang Dabon touched my left shoulder and his clairvoyance was transferred to me. The patient’s body became transparent and I was able to see the internal organs of the patient. I could see what was wrong because some of the organs looked dark. According to MCKS, this is called guided transferred clairvoyance.

On another occasion, mang Dabon told me about reviving the dead. A man fall from a coconut tree and died. The man’s friend called for mang Dabon because he was known to be a good healer. By the time mang Dabon arrived at the location, the man had been dead for about one hour. Mang Dabon did healing and the man was miraculously revived.

Another interesting story mang Dabon related to me was about his businessman friend who had lost a lot of money. He came to mang Dabon for help. Mang Dabon told him to buy cocoa beans. He told his friend to buy as much as he could, because in three months’ time the price of the beans would increase substantially. His friend rented a very large warehouse and filled it with cocoa beans. Exactly three months later, the price increased so much that the businessman became very rich. He tried to give mang Dabon a new car as a token of appreciation, but mang Dabon didn’t accept the gift. Mang Dabon was a righteous man who was not influenced by money.

Noticing my skepticism about his stories and experiences, he shifted the topic to astral travel. He asked how much I had progressed. I told him I was only able to do astral travel for a few minutes then, I would lose consciousness. He said, “then I will teach you about astral travel’. I was wondering why he did not give me any verbal instructions. That evening, mang Dabon appeared at the foot of my bed and my physical body became drowsy. At the moment of falling asleep, mang Dabon took my right hand and jerked my consciousness out of my physical body. While fully aware, he brought me to different realms of the astral world. In one realm, a certain category of disincarnate souls are contained- much like a community. These souls of varying degrees of spiritual maturity are confined within different realms. This happened almost every night for about six months.