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Jnana Yoga is Your Path to Divine Illumination

Jnana Yoga is Your Path to Divine Illumination

Jnana yoga literally means Yoga of Knowledge and Understanding. This is the path which will lead us to achieve divine illumination or spiritual oneness with the higher soul. Spiritual oneness means that our incarnated soul is achieving oneness with our higher soul and a certain oneness with God too. Jnana yoga helps us in understanding who we really are! Here we are not referring to not only intellectual knowledge but spiritual knowledge.

The time taken to achieve illumination may vary from one person to another. But why is this so? It is because one lifetime is not enough to achieve this type of enlightenment. Jnana yogis have taken many incarnations to achieve this state because one lifetime is very short.

How do we need to prepare ourselves for the Yoga of Knowledge and Understanding? We need to achieve physical purification along with inner purification or character building. If we do not have physical purification, our etheric body might become sick. Similarly, if we do not have inner purification, the mediator might become psychologically imbalanced. Our beloved Master has always emphasized on character building. He said that without inner purification illumination is not possible as much as we try. It is also important to neutralize our negative Karma. This could be done with good service and tithing.

A Step Closer to Our Higher Soul

Jnana Yoga is one of the best ways of becoming aware of the eternal question: ‘Who am I?’ Jnana yoga helps us in understanding, what is the ultimate aim of our incarnated soul. People who are searching for answer regarding their existence will be greatly helped by the practice of this yoga. Incarnations after incarnations we have thought ourselves to be micro and helpless. But that is not the case. Our incarnated body is a part of our higher soul and moving a little bit close to it with every birth we take is the aim of our incarnated lives.

Yoga of Knowledge and Understanding will give a purpose to our life. We will know that god is the ultimate source of divine energy or spiritual energy and we all are the children of God.

Master Choa Kok Sui has said about Jnana or Awareness:
Awareness helps you to listen to the subtle voice, the whisper of your higher soul. You become aware of your Buddha nature, your soul.
Awareness is necessary for spiritual evolution. To have inner awareness, one must practice self-honesty and detachment.


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