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Chakra Colours: The Key to a Colourful Life!

chakra balancing

It is no secret that colours have a strong bearing on our mood. We talk about it often even without realizing it. For example, we describe someone else or ourselves as feeling blue, we wish others to be in the pink of health, we have a tendency to associate red with love, gray with gloom and so on. Psychological studies have gone as far as to suggest that even the colours of the medication people take, affect the performance of the medicines! That said, wouldn’t it be great if the use of medication could be reduced or avoided altogether? That is precisely what Pranic Healing can help with though it would be good to remember that this energy healing system developed by Master Choa Kok Sui is not aimed to replace conventional medicine but rather meant to complement it. How your body works depends on your chakras and your chakra colours are of great significance.

What’s Your Favourite Colour Today?

Is orange your new black? Do you love a cool blue during summer and a warm, rich brown or purple during winter? If you have felt drawn towards particular colours during particular seasons or during certain specific periods in your life, you are not alone. Your colour preferences shift and evolve as you evolve. Pranic Healing theories talk of the different chakra colours that affect the functioning of your chakras and through them the total functioning of your body. Whether you can relate to particular colours because of the condition of the chakras in your body, has not been researched much as of now. What if your chakra colours make you like or dislike certain colours around you?

Healthy Colours = Healthy Chakras = Happy You

Clairvoyants are able to see your chakra colours and your aura colours, their size, shape and level of health. It is through clairvoyance that it was revealed that every chakra in the human body contains certain colours. You can take a look at our article, What Are Your Chakra Colours Trying to Tell You? to know about your chakra colours. When a chakra in your body is contaminated with dirty negative energy, the chakra colours are also (clairvoyantly) seen to change. Unhealthy or depleted chakras are often seen to be faint in colour and filled with gray. When that happens, you might develop one or more types of discomfort related to your affected chakra. Abnormalities in your chakra colours serve as signs that your chakras are not exactly healthy. Intervention in terms of Chakra healing and Aura cleansing can be very helpful in providing you with the relief that you require. The use of colour pranas is also an effective and rapid energy-healing technique that aids cleansing and energizing your chakras.

Your chakra colours foretell your health. Keep yourself energized with fresh and vibrant pranic energy to avoid pranic depletion.


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