The ancient art and science of pranic healing and arhatic yoga

Golden Rule: Balance Your Destiny


Do unto others what you want others to do unto you and Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you.

If we study the different religions all around the world, they all have similar beliefs regarding What is Karma and the Golden rule. All the religions, be it Christianity or Islam or Buddhism, they all teach that we reap what we sow. If we are going through a hard time in our life, we feel that our bad karma is responsible for that. And it is indeed true. What we have done in our past actually controls our present, if that bad karma is not neutralized with the right deeds. So, if our karma from the past can control our present then our karma at the present time can very similarly control our future!

Life Made Easy

We need money not only to live a luxurious life but also to help the others in need. But apart from money what else do want that is important too? We want people to be good to us, we want to be loved and cared, we want to be taken seriously in our profession. We want a lot more. We don’t want to be cheated or being lied to. But we don’t always get all these. So is it really possible to control the behavior of others around us? The answer is yes. We can control how others behave with us. The question remains, how?

Let us consider a few examples. How do we get prosperity and money? The answer is simple. If we want money, we have to give money first. We have to help the poor by donating a certain portion of our earning towards them. If we do not want to be hungry or to starve in our life, we need to feed the people who do not have food for themselves. We need to help people in time of disasters and calamities so that we get help from others in the time of our needs. Practice giving in order to receive. This is how you will plant the seed of good karma for the future and as per the golden rule this will be returned to us manifold in the future.

Now let’s say, we want to be treated well! How do we do that? For someone to smile at you, you need to smile at them. It is that simple. If you smile at the person opposite to you, you transfer a feeling of warmth to them. They smile back at you and reciprocate similarly. In the same way, if we want others to be honest to us, we need to practice honesty ourselves. If we want to be loved by others, we have to be loving and kind.

Life is beautiful if we make it beautiful. Golden rule shows us a path that leads us to a beautiful life. We should follow the golden rule and make our destiny ourselves.


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