The ancient art and science of pranic healing and arhatic yoga

The Five Pillars of Pranic Healing

The Five Pillars of Pranic Healing

"Unless you have character building, don’t go into the spiritual path. Why? Everything gets magnified. So as you progress, if something is not purified, that thing will get stuck."

-Master Choa Kok Sui.

A Pillar, by name, means a structure that is build to support a building or a construction. A good set of pillars will give rise to a great and strong building and if the pillars of any building are weak, then chances are the building will not sustain for a long time.

Master’s Emphasis on Five Pillars and Character Building

Master Choa Kok Sui has always emphasized on the need of growing one’s character before he or she actually sets out on the path of spiritual growth. He expressed his concern about the way people try to achieve spirituality before working towards building their character.

Along with character building, Master also talked about the five pillars of Pranic healing that will help the spiritual practitioners to grow in all aspects of their lives. When Master started taking classes on Arhatic Level One, Two and Three, he realized that his disciples are not as spiritually grown as he was at their age. Therefore, to make sure that the students do not start premature practice of higher levels of spirituality, he structured a Preparatory Level for Arhatic Yoga under the name Five Pillars of Arhatic Yoga.

The five pillars of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga

  • Devotion to the Supreme Being and reverence to the Spiritual Teacher.
  • Purifications.
  • Meditations.
  • Study.
  • Service and Tithing.


Devotion to god and reverence to spiritual teacher plays a very important role in our path of spiritual development. What is devotion? As per Master, devotion is to minimize our inner resistance and becoming more conductive. Our Sat Guru is like an electrical outlet for divine blessings and power. Therefore, with devotion we bring down divine blessing upon ourselves through our Sat Guru. Master advises us not to get devoted to the wrong kind of role models like actors, models or rock stars. They do not give us spiritual empowerment. Choosing the right Sat Guru and showing devotion towards him is a very important part of our spiritual growth. The Sat Guru will guide us, stop us from going towards the wrong path, will help us with our spiritual growth and will keep us calm in rough times.


Purification is the next step to character building. Master has divided purification in two broad parts. Physical purification and inner purification:

Physical Purification: Physical Purification includes proper diet, abstinence, physical and breathing exercises before and after meditation. Pork meat, pork lard, catfish, seafood without scales should be avoided as they have dirty and gross energy. We should also keep our distance from drugs and smoking. Consuming alcohol is not restricted but it is advised to be consumed with moderation. Exercising and breathing practices are very important as well. Exercising keeps our chakras in good condition and we can absorb more energy during meditation.

Inner Purification: Inner Purification again emphasizes on character building. It is important to let go of our weaknesses before we set out on the path of spirituality. Otherwise our weakness will get magnified with each passing day.


Master Choa Kok Sui has devised a wide range of meditation in Pranic Healing to serve our various levels of spirituality.Meditation is spiritual practice or spiritual consummation. The purpose of meditation is oneness.
-Master Choa Kok Sui.

Twin Heart Meditation is designed to bring down a huge amount of divine energy which can help us to heal our effected chakras and wounded aura. Since this form of meditation brings down a lot of divine energy, Master commands us to bless Mother Earth with this energy. This is a form of service to humanity too.

Meditation on Higher Soul helps us to get closer to our higher soul. The different types of Arhatic Yogas are designed for spiritual growth. There a many more forms of meditations by Master for the Pranic healers and Arhatic yogis.


The learning process is voluntary.-Master Choa Kok Sui.
We have to study good books by great writers to improve the depth of our knowledge. But studying is not enough. We have to be willing to learn. Else it will be as good as reading something in a language we do not understand. Being selective about books is important too. Not all books are good and if we are not careful enough with our selection, it could be a setback for the growth of our knowledge.

Service and Tithing

Service towards the humanity accelerates the pace of our journey on the spiritual path. It opens our heart chakra and fills us with loving kindness. The happiness that we receive comes as an added bonus.

Good deeds and good actions become physicalized when you do service.-Master Choa Kok Sui.

Tithing is the practice of donating a certain amount of our income to charities and to other organizations to be used for various humanitarian projects. Tithing is basically based on the law of karma. Law of Karma states that what you sow is what you reap. So if we help people with money, we will be rewarded with money by as the Law of Karma.

As far as money is concerned, use tithing, tithing, tithing. It is told in all religions.
-Master Choa Kok Sui.