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Achieve the Impossible through Devotion!

Achieve the Impossible through Devotion!

To find the answer to the above mentioned question we need to dig a little deep. Why do we need a spiritual teacher? The answer is simple. To receive divine energy and divine blessings, we need a medium, a guru who acts as a transformer. God’s energy is very powerful. It is not possible for everyone to receive it directly. So to bring down the intensity of such great and powerful energy, we need a spiritual teacher. He is the one who shows us the way to communicate with our higher soul. He is that light that illuminates our way to knowledge in the darkness of ignorance. The guru can help us to lead a life of wisdom and peace, but we need to have the right kind of devotion for that.

We do not lack in devotion. But the problem with us at this time is that we devote ourselves to the wrong person or the wrong idea. We become fans of movie stars, sport personalities. We surrender our thoughts completely towards dishonest politicians and they manipulate our actions as per their will and requirement. This needs to change. If we want to become spiritually one with our higher self, if we want guidance and knowledge from our higher soul, it is important that we devote ourselves to the right person. The one who has found oneness with his higher soul , who can help us receive the right amount of divinity from the supreme god.

Faith can move mountains

Even today when we speak of dedication and sharanagathi, the one name that comes to mind is Hanumana. What makes him the ideal disciple or chela? Who he had on his mind while looking for the herb that was needed to heal Lakshmana? What gave him the strength to pick up the entire mountain? Every minute of his life, before and after every activity, he had the Lord Rama on his mind and his name on his lips. Hanumana is the ultimate example of devotion and faith. He got the courage and strength to cross an entire ocean with one jump. He alone would have been able to rescue Sita if she had given him the permission.

Conductivity is very important

Devoting ourselves to our spiritual teacher means removing the inner resistance. By removing the resistance, we become more conductive. This could be explained with a simple example. Electricity does not flow through bad conductors. They resist its flow. But it can very easily flow though good conductors and hence light up our houses and makes the other appliances work. It is the same with our inner conductivity. When we invoke for divine energy, it comes down to us through the Supreme Being and then through the master. Now for us to receive the same we need to be conductive. We need sharanagathi towards our spiritual guru. We need to feel that we are one with our Master. Then only we will be able to feel the shower of the divine energy to light up our world, the divine peace to contribute to our happiness.

In Master Choa Kok Sui’s own words, Spiritual success depends on your conductivity. No spiritual conductivity, no progress.