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What Are Your Chakra Colours Trying to Tell You?

What Are Your Chakra Colours Trying to Tell You?

Chakras or energy centers that have control over the holistic functioning of our physical and energy bodies are different from each other in appearance. They are all also different in terms of the colour pranas that they are filled with. These colour pranas have different properties that influence the internal workings of our bodies. All the different chakra colours have their own hidden meanings and specific functions.

  • The Basic Chakra

    The Basic Chakra or Mooladhara Chakra has mostly red and orange prana with a small quantity of almost unseen yellow prana.

  • The Sex Chakra

    The Sex Chakra or Swadhistana Chakra has two different hues of red prana along with orange prana.

  • The Meng Mein Chakra

    The Meng Mein Chakra is mostly filled with orange prana with a slight infusion of red prana and very small quantities of blue and yellow prana.

  • The Navel Chakra

    The Navel Chakra has yellow, green, blue, red and violet as the predominant colour pranas along with some orange prana.

  • The Solar Plexus Chakra

    The Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura Chakra is located in the hollow region between the ribs and has a back and a front portion. It has ten petals with mostly red, yellow, green and blue pranas with a bit of orange and violet pranas.

  • The Spleen Chakra

    The Spleen Chakra is predominantly red and blue with subtle shades of yellow, green, violet and orange pranas.

  • The Heart Chakra

    The front Heart Chakra has golden and light red pranas and the back Heart Chakra contains golden, red, orange and yellow pranas. The heart chakra is also known as Anahata Chakra.

  • The Throat Chakra

    The Throat Chakra or Vishuddhi Chakra is mostly comprised of blue prana along with some amount of green and violet pranas.

  • The Ajna Chakra

    The Ajna Chakra has 2 parts and the colours of these two parts differ from one person to another and also changes in the same person with regard to his/her psychological state. It is either seen to be part yellow and part violet or whitish green on one side and violet on the other.

  • The Forehead Chakra

    The Forehead Chakra has light violet, blue, red, orange, yellow and green pranas.

  • The Crown Chakra

    The Crown Chakra or Sahasrara Chakra has golden prana in its twelve inner petals and light violet, blue, yellow, green, orange and red pranas in the nine hundred and sixty outer petals.

  • The 12th Chakra

    Twelfth Chakra looks like a golden start and evolves into a golden ball, a golden bud or a golden flame as the person matures spiritually.

Colour Pranas

Red prana is associated with strength, warmth, construction or rapid repair of damaged tissue, sustenance and stimulation. Orange prana is basically relate to extraction and abstraction. Expelling, eliminating and cleansing along with decongesting are processes that orange prana aids with.

While Green prana is associated with deconstruction, breaking down, detoxification and digestion, Yellow prana is imbued with the properties of cohesion, assimilation, multiplication and growth. It is also associated with the stimulation of nerve cells.

Blue prana contains the properties of disinfection, inhibition and is good for cooling and placating. Violet prana is an amalgamation of all the properties of the other five pranas. Lighter shades of violet are associated with the properties of regeneration and rapid healing. Severe ailments and infections are often healed with the effective use of violet prana.

The functioning of the chakras are thus closely related with the colour pranas they emit. Chakra colours often reveal the state of health that a particular chakra is in. Chakral healing also works in association with the effects of the colour pranas. Knowing about the different chakra colours would enable you to understand more about the art of healing your chakras.


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