The ancient art and science of pranic healing and arhatic yoga

Arhatic preparatory level

arhatic yoga preparatory level

After teaching several classes on Arhatic Yoga level one, Arhatic Yoga level two and Arhatic Yoga level three, MCKS realized these spiritual aspirants were not like him at all- when he was young.

Their knowledge and spiritual skill were very limited, if not near zero. It was necessary to develop a preparatory level for them so that they could gradually go up to the higher levels of Arhatic Yoga. The fundamentals of Arhatic Yoga had to be explicitly stated under the name, Five Pillars of Arhatic Yoga.

Five pillars of Arhatic Yoga

  1. Devotion to the supreme being and reverence to the spiritual teacher.
  2. Purification
  3. Meditation
  4. Study
  5. Service and tithing

Devotion to God, reverence to teacher

Devotion to God and reverence to the teacher are very important. Without devotion to God, or at least reverence to God and the spiritual teacher, the practice of Arhatic Yoga would not be possible.

Reverence to the Sat Guru of primary spiritual teacher is very important. The Sat Guru is like the electrical outlet for the blessing of God passing through the great ones. Without the divine blessing from God and the great ones, passing through the Sat Guru or the physical spiritual teacher, there is a minimal divine guidance, minimal divine help, and minimal divine protection. To practice Arhatic Yoga under such condition would be tantamount to physical and spiritual suicide.

There is only one physical Sat Guru for Arhatic Yoga, that is MCKS. The rest of the senior disciples teaching Arhatic Yoga are Arhatic instructors.


Purification is divided into physical and inner purifications. In both instances, it is divided into do’s and don’ts. In order for the physical and energy body to withstand greater amounts of spiritual and subtle energies flowing into the energy body and physical body, the following must be observed:

  1. Proper diet
    • No pork
    • Minimize meat
    • No fish without scales: eel and catfish
  2. Abstinence
    • Smoking
    • Addictive and hallucinogenic drugs
    • Alcohol in moderation
  3. Physical and breathing exercises before meditation
  4. Physical exercises after meditation

Proper diet is very important. Pork meat and pork oil contain very dirty gross energy, which is completely incompatible with the system of an Arhatic Yogi. The eating of pork meat or pork lard will cause the energy channels and chakras to become clogged up. This may manifest as chronic fatigue system, overheating of the body, chronic insomnia, skin rashes, severe hypertension, and other physical discomforts. In some instances it may even cause the yogi to have a stroke. Eating catfish or eel must also be avoided. They are not as dirty as pork, but are still dirty. Eating seafood with no scales should be avoided or substantially minimized. These kinds of foods are also dirty and are unhealthy for the body of an Arhatic yogi.

Substances to be avoided:
Addictive drugs, hallucinogenic drugs, smoking. Taking alcohol is permissible, but excessive alcoholic intake must be strictly avoided.

Physical and breathing exercises

Doing physical exercises and breathing exercises are necessary to prepare the physical body and energy body for the greater downpour of spiritual energy and higher awakening of the kundalini energy.

It is also necessary to do physical exercises after the meditation. This is to get rid of old dirty energy generated by the meditation. It is important to avoid or minimize energy becoming stuck in the body.

Inner purification

Inner purification or character building is an absolute necessity. Without inner purification or character building, the weaknesses of a person will become so magnified, that the person become worse instead of better. Character building is done through Inner Reflection and Firm Resolution. Inner reflection means reflecting on what one has done during the whole day. Firm resolution means to mentally erase the mistake done during the day, and to repeatedly imagine you are practicing right thoughts and emotion, right speech and right action. This has to be done repeatedly.

The key word is to repeatedly imagine. The question is why? It is part of ancient teachings that:

  1. Repeated good thoughts will inevitably manifest as good actions.
  2. Repeated good actions will eventually manifest as a virtue.

The virtues are divided into Yang and Yin, or Do and Don’t.

The five virtues and the Golden rule

arhatic yoga virtues
  1. Loving kindness and non-injury
    • Loving kindness
      1. Physical
        • Being helpful and charitable
        • Being courteous
      2. Verbal
        • Being supportive and nurturing
        • Being inspirational and instructive
        • Being courteous
      3. Emotional and mental
        • Being psychologically supportive and nurturing
        • Blessing
    • Non-injury
      1. Physical
      2. Verbal
        • Harsh words, slanderous words or excessive verbal criticism.
      3. Mental
        • Excessive mental criticism, enviousness
  2. Generosity and non-stealing
    • Generosity
      1. Physical
        • Tithing
        • Generosity
        • Helpfulness
      2. Emotional
        • Warmness
        • Nurturing
        • Being supportive
      3. Mental
        • Teaching
      4. Spiritual
        • Blessing
    • Non-stealing
      1. Materially and financially
      2. Affection
      3. Credits and merits of others
      4. Intellectual property: printed, audio and video work
  3. Objectivity(Honesty) and non-falsehood
    • Accurate perception and correct expression
      1. Honesty
        • Avoid all unnecessary lies
      2. Self honesty and non-conceitedness
      3. Discernment and prioritizing
      4. Accurate perception and correct expression
        • Scientific experiments and technology
        • Proper management
        • Calmness and skillfulness under crisis
        • Foresight
        • Wisdom
      5. Different levels of truth
        • 1st level- Tama
        • 2nd level- Wasto
        • 3rd level- Tumpak
    • Non-falsehood
      1. Malicious deception or lies
      2. Pride or conceitedness
      3. Blind belief
      4. Scientific and religious superstitions
  4. Moderation(self-mastery) and non-excessiveness
    • Moderation
      1. Work
      2. Recreation
        • Fun
        • Food
        • Drinks
        • Rest
      3. Sex
  5. Constancy of aim and effort and non-laziness
    1. Regular practice of meditations at a definite time and place
    2. Regular schedule for studies and service
    3. Work responsibilities
    4. Family responsibilities
  6. Golden Rule and the Five Virtues of Arhatic Yoga
    1. Five virtues
    2. Yang golden rule
    3. Yin golden rule

Character building can be summarized the three rules of Zoroaster:

  1. Good thought, including good emotions
  2. Good speech
  3. Good action

Character building can also be summarized in the teaching of Lord Buddha. In the first five of eight noble path:

Accurate inner perception

  • Right viewpoint

Correct expression

  1. Right thoughts
  2. Right speech
  3. Right action
  4. Right livelihood

In the Christian tradition character building is summarized by the Lord Jesus who said, “do not murder. Do not commit adultery. Do not steal. Do not testify falsely. Honor your father and mother. Love your neighbor as you love yourself”. (Matthew 19:8)

In the Hindu tradition, the practice of character building is called Yama and Niyama. Yama corresponds to “Do” and Niyama corresponds to “Do Not”.

Spiritual practices or Meditations

mcks arhatic yoga preparatory level

To accelerate the spiritual evolution of the soul, it is necessary to do meditation or spiritual practice regularly.

In Arhatic Yoga preparatory level there are four meditations which the spiritual aspirant must practice regularly.

  1. Meditation on twin hearts
  2. Meditation on the Blue Pearl
  3. Arhatic Kundalini meditation
  4. Arhatic Dhyan

The purpose of meditation on twin hearts is to develop the love aspect of the soul. In the Indian tradition, this is called Bhakti Yoga.

Arhatic kundalini meditation

The purposes of practicing Arhatic kundalini meditation are:

  1. To develop the will aspect of the soul
  2. To accelerate the development of the soul
  3. To accelerate the evolution of the physical body
arhatic kundalini meditation

The evolution of the soul must be accompanied by the evolution of the physical body-just as the evolution of the computer software must be accompanied by the evolution of the computer hardware.

If the evolution of the soul is not accompanied by the evolution of the body, there will be a mismatch.

If the evolution of the soul is not accompanied by the evolution of the body, there will be a mismatch. The soul, in spite of becoming more evolved, will not be able to impress upon the physical brain many of the inner experiences. The soul will not be able to impress the insight derived through the use of intuitive intelligence. Intuitive intelligence in Buddhism is called Buddhi Chitta. This is intuitive intelligence which means knowing through direct inner perception- without having to study. The evolution of the body is important so that it can also withstand greater amounts of spiritual energy and kundalini energy flowing through the physical body. The cleansing and energizing effect of Arhatic kundalini yoga is very powerful. Because of this, a new Arhatic yogi should only do this meditation once or maximum twice a week. Doing this every day would cause severe hypertension. Another effect of Arhatic kundalini meditation is the cleansing of the energy channels, the chakras and the aura.

Arhatic Dhyan

arhatic dhyan meditation

The purpose of Arhatic Dhyan is to develop the capacity of prolonged awareness. The word Zen is derived from Chinese word, chan. The Chinese word, Chan, is derived from the Indian word Dhyan. The word Dhyan means prolonged awareness. In many books on commentaries on Patanjali’s yoga sutras, the word, Dhyan, has been mistranslated as prolonged concentration, which is incorrect.

Meditation on the blue pearl

meditation on blue pearl

To understand the purpose of the meditation on the blue pearl, one must first understand what the blue pearl is. The blue pearl is not the incarnated soul. The blue pearl is not the higher soul. The blue pearl is the terminal for the higher soul. In Buddhism, the blue pearl is called the blue disk. In Sufism the blue pearl is called essence. In Christian tradition, the blue pearl is called eye of the needle. (Matthew 19:24, mark 10:25)

In the bible, it is stated, “let your eye be one and your body will be filled with light”. (Matthew 6:22) the “Eye” refers to the pineal gland. Within the pineal gland is the “eye of the needle”, through which the camel or disciple can enter heaven. “truly, heaven is not here, there or everywhere. It is within you”. (Luke 17:21)

The meditation on the blue pearl should not be over practiced. In some disciples, it may cause the body to become sick. It is analogous to an electrical wire that is subjected to too much power. It may overheat and melt.

The pineal gland is the ark of covenant within each one of us. This truth can be validated through prolonged practice of meditation on the blue pearl.

What, exactly, is the blue pearl? Based on actual experience and based on ancient teachings, the blue pearl is actually a very minute particle of light- smaller than a hydrogen atom, smaller than a nucleus, smaller than an electron. It is smaller than anything scientists can imagine being small.

The blue pearl in the inner teachings is called the mental permanent seed. The blue pearl is smaller than a grain of sand.

The glow of the blue pearl in an ordinary person is indeed smaller than a grain of sand. This is why in Christian tradition the blue pearl is called the “eye of the needle” and the soul of the disciple who practices moderation and non-excessiveness is called “the camel”.

The blue pearl is not used for healing because the spiritual energy is too intense or concentrated for the body of the patient. The 12th chakra is not used for healing because the spiritual energy is too strong or the spiritual voltage is too high for the patient’s body which may be overwhelmed and make the patient’s condition worse.

By practicing mediation on the blue pearl, one achieves the first stage of soul realization, where the disciple experiences he is not the body and that his body has disappeared. The disciple experiences his Buddha nature. The disciple experiences the true nature of the Atma or the soul which is basically that of spiritual light. The disciple or the yogi experiences his consciousness radiating in all directions. The soul or yogi experiences himself or herself as a being of light, traveling in all directions throughout a certain realm in the inner universe. Although this experience is wonderful, the bliss in intense, and the yogi may experiences a certain degree of oneness, this experience occurs only in the lower mental world. This is only the experience of the incarnated soul not the higher soul.

On the second level of soul realization, the yogi or disciple experiences greater oneness with the higher soul. The disciple may experience a series of expansion of light followed by a dark void. The problem is the capacity of the brain to register these inner experiences and for the soul to comprehend these inner experiences.

The reader must eradicate pride, self-delusion, if he wants to spiritually evolve rapidly. This is one of the most difficult weakness to remove and probably the last weakness to be eliminated.

Develop humility, humility, humility- and reverence to the Sat Guru. Without this spiritual development will be extremely slow. If a person does not have reverence toward the Sat Guru, how can they have reverence for God- whom they cannot see? How can they have reverence for God who is formless and cannot be seen?

Meditation on twin hearts

meditation on twin hearts

Meditation on twin hearts is a higher form of the meditation on loving kindness, called metta in Buddhism. The purposes why this meditation was revealed to the public are:

  1. To heal the planet. The loving energy generated can also be used to heal a small part of a city, a city, a state or a country if done for a prolonged period of time by a sufficient number of people.
  2. To increase the healing power of Pranic healers. When practiced consistently for a long period of time, this meditation will activate the crown chakra of the healer to a high degree. A highly developed crown chakra is necessary to produce rapid healing or even miraculous healing in many instances. The technique in meditation on twin hearts is based on a small section of Arhatic Yoga level two.
  3. Both Mang Mike and Mang Nenet noticed that during meditation, the crown of MCKS became very highly activated. It opened up like a big fiery golden lotus flower. They asked MCKS what he did. MCKS had to explain that to activate the crown chakra, it is necessary to activate the heart chakra first.
  4. Without the ability to have compassion, mercy and love toward people around you, how can you feel a certain degree of universal compassion and love for others, whom you do not even know?

Procedure for meditation on twin hearts

  1. In meditation on twin hearts, the heart chakra is activated first by blessing every person and every being with loving kindness through the heart chakra.
  2. The crown chakra is activated by blessing the earth, every person, every being through the crown chakra.
  3. By blessing the earth through the heart and crown chakras simultaneously.
  4. The aura, the chakras and the different subtle bodies are further purified, by chanting the mantra OM.
  5. Also, by chanting the mantra OM, the consciousness of the soul is raised to a higher frequency, thereby eventually enabling it to function in the higher world.
  6. By meditating on the stillness between the two OM’s. Through stillness, the soul is able to function in the higher inner world which has been prepared by the earlier steps.