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MCKS Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul®

MCKS Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul

"The purpose of yoga is to realize that you, the incarnated soul, are one with your Higher Soul. The purpose of yoga is union with your Higher Soul and union with all souls"

- Master Choa Kok Sui

Ancient meditations were kept secret from the public for many centuries. In this course, you will learn techniques which will help the incarnated soul to achieve oneness with your higher soul. Incarnated soul is also referred as personality or lower self and the higher soul is also referred as higher self.

The Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul course also teaches us the true nature of ourselves, our Higher Soul and the divinity within us, and how to unite with them. Many esoteric secrets are revealed for the first time in this course. This phenomenon is known as “Soul-Realization”, “Enlightenment” or “Self-Realization”.

There are different stages of soul realization. The first stage in soul realization involves the intellectual understanding that you are the soul, a spiritual being of divine intelligence, love and power. You are not the physical body, not the thoughts nor the emotions and not even the mind. The thoughts and emotions are products of the soul, just as the carpenter is not the furniture. The mind is just a subtle instrument of the soul, just as the computer is your instrument.

The second stage is experiencing one’s self as the soul during meditation. The yogi or the meditator may experience not being able to feel the physical body, as though it has disappeared.

The spiritual practitioner may have an out-of-body experience, the soul occupying and manifesting in other subtle bodies of light and being able to travel at a speed faster than the speed of light.

With further development, the yogi may have an experiential realization of the nature of the soul. The nature of the soul is basically that of a being of light. A yogi experiences himself as a being of light travelling in all directions throughout the physical and the inner universe.

The third stage in soul realization is the experience of the incarnated soul (that is you) having union with the higher soul and realizing that there is no separation between you and your higher soul. The incarnated soul and higher soul are actually one. The yogi also experiences oneness with other souls, not just human souls, but all other types of souls. At this levels, the process of arhatship starts.

The Higher Soul is a seed of God's Divinity within all of us. Through the Higher Soul, we are made in the Image of God! Being One with our Higher Soul, we become One with the "I AM", the Christ, the Buddha, the Shiva, the Krishna Nature within all of us.

In this course one might experience oneness with the divine spark or the Paramatma. This is called God-Realization. The incarnated and higher souls experience oneness with the Divine Spark, oneness with God, oneness with all. The yogi can literally say,” I and my Father are one!” He is truly a Divine Incarnate.

In Achieving Oneness of the Higher Soul course, the spiritual practitioner will learn two powerful meditations, the Meditation for Twin Hearts for Peace and Illumination and the Meditation on the Higher Soul. And when these two meditations are combined, the spiritual practitioner will experience divine bliss, love and light and it will lead to a rapid spiritual evolution in a few years rather than many life times. The spiritual practitioner will also discover the nature of the soul and the secrets of reincarnation and will get answers to questions such as:

  • Who am I?
  • Where have I come from?
  • Where is my soul located in my body?
  • Where will my soul go when I die
  • Why am I born and what is the purpose of my life?

Some of the topics covered in Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul Course are:

  • The Inner secrets of the Blue Pearl, the Medical Caduceus to Raise the Kundalini Shakti and the Silver Cords will be revealed.
  • Discover the Nature of the Soul and its journey through timeless incarnations.
  • How the Soul chooses parents and place of birth will be taught.
  • The exact location of the 12th Chakra and its function will be revealed.
  • Experience the Inner Light and Intense Bliss of the "Blue Pearl" or the "Seed of Consciousness" within.
  • The existence of energetic seeds in our auric fields and how they affect our Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical lives will be taught. These "energetic DNA recorders" contain the "blueprints" for the formation of the subtle and physical bodies.
  • Increase the size of the "communication cable" or “Spiritual Cord" between the Higher Soul and the incarnated soul. This is seen in religious pictures as a pillar of light going down to form a halo. It is also described as the "Descent of the Holy Spirit" in Christian terminology.
  • The Secrets behind the 3 Silver Cords, Inner Caduceus and how it is related to Safely Awakening the Kundalini Shakti will be revealed.
  • Realizing the divinity with other people.
  • And Much more…

After Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul course you should be able to:

  • Experience Peace, Calmness and Clarity even during the busy and chaotic work/home environments.
  • To invite your loved ones to meditate together and experience Spiritual Intimacy and stimulate their love for each other.
  • Learn how to release old emotional baggage and create positive changes in all kinds of relationships.
  • Using Words of Power (mantras) will be taught in order to achieve Inner Stillness in a fast way.
  • Experience "Coming Home and Being One with All".
  • Experience a state of Peace and Expansion of Consciousness and Awareness short after the meditation begins.
  • Create a better relationship with your spouse, family, friends and co-workers.
  • And Much more…

Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul gives you a better understanding of your life and its unique purpose. It is highly recommended for everyone. Although we look different, we have different professions and ways of life, we are all beings of light who knowingly or unknowingly are trying to evolve and to realize our true nature. Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul makes this possible! Discover the essence of enlightenment!!

MCKS Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul course takes 2 days for non Pranic Healers or 1 day for Pranic Healers.

MCKS Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul course can be thought to non Pranic Healers however taking MCKS Basic Pranic Healing, MCKS Advanced Pranic Healing and MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy before attending this course is highly recommended. MCKS Achieving oneness with the higher soul course is also known as MCKS Arhatic Yoga Preparatory Level one.

Note: The courses should be taken in order since each level prepares the base for the later. The instructor himself along with the students practices the techniques while teaching. After every course an internationally accepted attendance certificate is given by Master Choa Kok Sui’s  Institute for Inner Studies or World Pranic Healing Foundation.


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  • August 28, 2021

    Hatice U.
    Turkey, Istanbul

    Fevkaladenin fevkinde bir kurs oldu. Keyifliydi ve gerçekten faydalı oldu.Kursların tekrarlarına katılmanın önemi büyük .
    Herkese tavsiye ediyorum.

  • August 26, 2021

    Nazli Aral C.
    Turkey, Istanbul

    After every Pranic Healing courses, something is changing in me and in my life. Thank you very much for this knowledge. Many thanks to Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

  • August 23, 2021

    Areej Abdul-Razzaq M.
    Turkey, Istanbul

    Atma Namaste
    The course was amazing and rich. The instructor explained the contents brilliantly and smoothly. He gave us time to practice and share our experience. He was ready for any question we ask .He took great care of his students.Everything in the course was great specially the Graphics and illustrations.The net was strong , the sound was very clear , We did not experience any audio interruptions Many thanks to all that help with this course.
    السلام عليكم
    الكورس كان رائع وغني بالمعلومات . والذي اضاف رعة لهذا الكورس ، طريقة المدرب الرائعة في التوضيح والشرح والتبسيط ، كان يعطي لطلابه الوقت ليتدربوا ويمارسوا التمارين ثم بعدها يطلب منهم مشاركة تجاربهم وماتوصلوا له . والاجمل من ذلك انه كان مستعد للاجابة عن اي سوال يتوجه له من طلابه ، لاحظت اهتمامه الشديد بالطلاب ورغبته في ايصال المعلومة لهم بشكل عميق وواضح . كل شيء يخص الكورس كان ممتاز وتم التحضير له بشكل عالي للغاية ، خاصة الرسومات والتوضيحات . كان النت قوي والصوت واضح جدا . كل الشكر والتقدير لكل من ساهم بتقديم هذا الكورس

  • August 23, 2021

    Assia H.
    Turkey, Istanbul

    Achieving oneness with higher soul is a very important course, gives you a deep understanding of our true self master choa kok sui has put a lot of information that lets us see things differently, I recommend this course for anyone looking for spiritual progression
    كورس الروح من اجمل الكورسات و اعمقها تساعد الطالب على فهم المعنى العميق و الحقيقي لوجوده ، انصح كل طالب حابب يتطور روحيا بأخد هاذا الكورس.
    Le cours atteindre l union avec l âme superieur est un cours tres important ,Gmck l' a conçu d une manière tres simple mais profonde pour connaître notre vrais soi, se connecter à notre vrais nature, c' est une autre dimension de connaissances, je suggère ce cours pour toute personne qui souhaite la Progression spirituelle .
    Atma namste.

  • August 23, 2021

    Haydar K.
    Turkey, Istanbul

    Bilmeden hissettiğim bir çok olgunun varlığını teyit edip, daha teknik verilerle öğrenmek benim için çok önemli oldu.

  • June 14, 2021

    Davinderpal R.
    Kenya, Nairobi

    A mind-blowing course, every section in the course had some information that I knew but didn't understand and how Master Choa explained all the concepts with such easy language gave me a great deal of clarity of what I AM and my next steps.

  • June 14, 2021

    Avni S.
    Kenya, Nairobi

    Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul was a very interesting course. The content was extremely thought provoking, simple and useful. The course was delivered by the wonderful Atma of Shahwana Khanam who was really excellent, clear, considerate knowledgable and fun. Kindly Note: I do hope all that was shared personally during the course will remain confidential. Thank you. I will practice to reap the amazing benefits, the connection with my higher-self. Eternally Grateful !

  • May 30, 2021

    Keerthana A.
    United Arab Emirates, Dubai

    Thank you.

  • May 30, 2021

    Seher A.
    Turkey, Ankara

    I very much appreciate the professionalism and ethic of the school in general. The teachings are deep and sources very broad. İt is definitely contributing on all levels to a better world and to our individual soul growth
    thank you

  • May 23, 2021

    Havana Gul T.
    Turkey, Ankara

    Muhteşem bir eğitimdi. Hocalarımız muhteşemdi. Gelişimim için faydalı bir eğitimdi.

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