The ancient art and science of pranic healing and arhatic yoga

Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul

Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul

By: Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

English Book


Formerly titled Meditations on Soul Realization, this book explores the deeper concepts of meditation in a clear, concise, and straight-to-the-point manner. Additional material has been included in later editions in order to make reading an easy experience and to better fully explain what meditation is really about.

The book is divided into two sections: The first is an explanation on the concepts of the Meditation on Twin Hearts, a beautiful meditation that all Pranic Healers do. The second section is on the Meditation on the Blue Pearl, a more advanced meditation done by more advanced Pranic Healers. The explanations regarding the concepts in each meditation enable one to fully understand and internalize what he is meditating on. This, together with numerous colored illustrations, allow for a very easy-to-understand book that any student of meditation will surely appreciate.

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