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Details about Soul and The Journey of Evolution

  • What is the Soul?

    What is the Soul?

    The existence of the soul is substantiated by the fact that every religion has a concept in support of the soul. This universality of philosophical views about the soul points towards a collective belief about the soul’s existence. The soul is located in the 12th Chakra , one foot above the head.
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  • The Spirit

    The Spirit

    By “spirit”, Master Choa Kok Sui refers to our individual divine spark that is, in reality, a part of God. It is this spirit that corresponds to the essence of God. The spirit or the divine spark is in unison with God and with all.
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  • Is There a Life After Death?

    Is There a Life After Death?

    Death can thus be an opportunity to become one with your higher soul. It is not merely an end to life as we know it but a potential spiritual liberation. Individuals who claim to have had near-death experiences, though they were from varied walks of life, and different religions, share a similarity in their accounts.
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  • Immortality


    The essence of a person survives death while the mental, emotional and physical bodies of an individual are all mortal. Soul-realization is actually the key to understanding immortality. The soul, therefore, can neither be killed nor drowned, nor slain nor burnt. The soul continues beyond the grip of time and death.
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  • Incarnation & Reincarnation<

    Incarnation & Reincarnation

    After death, the incarnated soul either directly achieves union with its higher soul or does so after a certain period of time, based on its level of spiritual development. However, this union is not permanent for most. Karma beckons and the incarnated soul needs to come back to life as we know it, reincarnated into another physical body.
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