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Sixth Initiation – The Ascension or Masterhood

Sixth Inirditiation

"The Chohans (Lords) of the Seven Rays are seven of the beings at the level of the sixth initiation."

Alice A. Bailey

The Chohans (Lords) of the Seven Rays – Master El Morya (Chohan of 1st Ray), Master Koot Hoomi (Chohan of 2nd Ray), Master Paul the Venetian (Chohan of 3rd Ray), Master Serapis Bey (Chohan of 4th Ray), Master Hilarion (Chohan of 5th Ray), Master Jesus (Chohan of 6th Ray), and the Master Rakoczi (Chohan of 7th Ray) – are seven of the beings at the level of the sixth initiation, while their coordinator and communications director Djwal Khul is another, making a total of eight at this level.

All of these Masters are recognized by both traditional Theosophists and those adherent to the Ascended Master Teachings. In the Ascended Master Teachings, Master Rakoczi is referred to as St. Germain.
Siddhis at this level include the ability to teleport, bilocate, or levitate to anyplace on Earth.

The Chohan

The sixth initiation who is called the Chohan signifies mastery over the monadic body. In this initiation you will officially become an ascended master. An ascended master is free from law of karma, and has developed such mastery of thought that they no longer have unconscious negative desires. By this stage in development you will have attained the consciousness and mastery of perfect joy, love and happiness. You are perfect. You are god and you understand that we are all one and therefore all gods. You can attain physical immortality if you want.

Required to pass the 6th initiation:

* No imperfect thoughts


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