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Duties of the Theosophist

Prerequisite Course: Basic Pranic Healing


Now, when we look over the modern world after these one-and-forty years, what do we see ? We see that Science and Religion again are clasping hands. We see that materialism is discredited, and that the leading men of science no longer use the name of agnostic. We find that the intuition of the heart is asserted itself so mightily that the knowledge—the partial knowledge—of the head has had to give way before it; that Science is coming back to Religion ; that those words of Bacon are true, spoken with know­ledge greater than normal, that "while a little know­ledge inclineth men to atheism, a larger knowledge bringeth them back to Religion". That is true ; and the position of Theosophy in the world shows how the Theosophist has striven in the past to do his duty to Religion.