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Privacy and Data Policy

Privacy and Data Policy

We at The Pranic Healers LLC want you to understand what information we collect, and how we use and share it. That’s why we encourage you to read our Privacy and Data Policy. This helps you use our Products in the way that’s right for you.

It's important to us that you know how to control your privacy, so we also show you where you can manage your information in the settings of our products, (the “Site”) and Oneness (the “App”) you use. You can update these settings to shape your experience.

Some information is required for our Products to work. Other information is optional, but without it, the quality of your experience might be affected.

For example, if you place an order with us, you will be asked to provide certain personal information, such as your name, postal address, contact number and email address. This information is collected only with your knowledge and permission and is kept by us on a database. Supplying this information sets a *cookie. We use this information primarily for billing purposes and to complete your order. For example, your telephone number is required for shipping purposes in case the postal service needs to contact you regarding your delivery.

Additionally, we use the information we collect to provide a personalized experience for you, such as:

  1. including confirming your account details and your latest course certificate with the center in which you had the course.
  2. remember your online profile and preferences.
  3. help you quickly find information that is relevant to you based on your interests, the level of your practice, and to help us create site content that is relevant to your interests.
  4. to undertake statistical analysis.

What happens if you don’t let us collect certain information?

For example, if you don’t provide an email address or phone number, we won’t be able to create an account for you to use our Products. Your email address will be used as your username to be able to login to (the “Site”) or Oneness (the “App). Your phone number will be used to verify your account by the center that you had the course in and to contact you for upcoming courses and meditations. You can always choose the way you want to be contacted by updating the settings in your profile.

The other information we gathered is exactly the same as the information that you’ve provided in the Physical Registration Form which you filled out and signed before each course, we need this information to be able to verify your identity, account, and certification level with your center.

All information provided by you is only used to improve the usefulness of (the “Site”) or Oneness (the “App) to ensure the best possible user experience. All information is strictly confidential. Your personal information will not be shared, circulated, nor modified in any way without your previous consent. Information will not be used in ways other than as set forth in this privacy policy, or in any site-specific policies, or in ways to which you have expressly consented.

Payment for your order is processed through PayPal or Stripe. We do not ask for your credit card information.

We use third-party web beacons (Google Analytics) from Google to help analyze where visitors go and what they do while visiting our website.

We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, so please review it frequently. If we make significant changes to this policy, we will notify you here and by a notice on the website in general.

This was last updated in February 2023.

* Use of Cookies Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to the hard disk of your computer for record-keeping purposes. Cookies can make our web site and app more useful by personalizing information for visitors and by storing information about your preferences on our site. The use of cookies is an industry standard, and many major websites use them to provide useful features for their customers.

Account Deletion

To delete your account, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login: Log in to your account on or the Oneness App.
  2. Navigate to Setting: On the Oneness app click on the hamburger menu and look for “Setting”
  3. Find Account Deletion: Within the account setting, search for “Delete Account” his section will help you to deactivate your account or delete your account.
  4. Follow the steps to “Deactivate your account” or “Delete your account”


  • Deactivating your account is temporary.
  • Your profile, photo, certificates, and your favorite online materials such as videos, audio, books, and articles will be hidden until you enable it by logging back in.
  • Deleting your account is irreversible and means that you will no longer be able to access your session history, stats, favorites, and more.