The ancient art and science of pranic healing and arhatic yoga

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Amna Al Khori
Title: Basic - Instructor
Name: Amna Al Khori
Country: Qatar
MCKS Pranic Healing® (Level I)

MCKS Pranic Healing® (Level I)

World Pranic Healing Foundation Inc.

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Middle East & North Africa

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Qatar FlagDoha, Qatar

Qatar Pranic Healing Center

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  • MCKS Pranic Healing® (Level I)

    July 18, 2021

    Maryam S.
    Qatar, Doha

    I am so thankful for both Miss Noora and Miss Amna Alkhori for their time and effort and all the amazing information that i received about Pranic healing , they where so giving and kind with a big loving heart.


Amna Al Khori is a native of Qatar. She has a bachelors in International Relations in Politics. She’s a sales specialist in Oil & Gas in the State of Qatar. 

A volunteer and face lift healer by by passion she’s actively involved in spreading Pranic Healing in Qatar since 2017. 

Amna loves travelling and movies.