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Om Mantra

Om Mantra

The mantra Om (also written as Aum) has a purifying effect and helps our consciousness to shift to higher level.

Why is it important to purify our soul ? The human body and the mind are capable of projecting and receiving messages like electronic devices just like a wireless radio that captures signals. We can actually feel if the person sitting next to us is happy or angry or depressed. How does that happen? It is because we can pick up emotions from others. A happy and jolly person can make us happy. A gloomy person can make us sad. So imagine the number of people that we come across throughout the day. How many different sorts of good and bad emotions you may pick up the entire day? This explains why the great yogis stay away from populated area. This could be explained in a better way. When we mediate, we can notice a lot of thoughts and emotions coming to our mind. All these emotions or thoughts are not necessarily ours. We pick them up from the people surrounding us.


By chanting the Om mantra or Aum, we can actually purify our incarnated soul. It is important we purify our incarnated soul so that we can achieve union with the higher soul. If someone is suffering from psychological pain or some other problems, chanting the mantra Om over a period of time might be very helpful.

The Universal Existence of the Mantra Om

Om mantra is not only a Hindu or Indian mantra. If we look around the world we can find its existence in different cultures and religions. In Christianity God is described as- Omnipotent, which means that God is all powerful; Omnipresent, which means God is present everywhere; Omniscient, which means God is all knowing. If we look at all these words that describe God we will see all the words start with “OM”. It is interesting to notice that in the Kabbalah and in the book of Zohar one of the 72 names of God is “Aleph Vav Mem” where Aleph starts for A, Vav stands for U and Mem stands for M. Therefore, another name of God by the Kabbalists is also Aum. All Judaism, Islam and Christian prayers end with the Amen. The word Amen is also a simplified version of the mantra Aum. The inner meaning of the word Amen is “In the name of God, so be it.”

We can understand how potent or powerful the Om mantra is with a simple experiment. We need to chant the mantra Om 12 times slowly and with concentration. We may also chant Amen. Once we have finished, we will notice that all our anger and hatred is melting away. We would not feel like criticizing other people or will not feel like hurting anyone at that moment. Overall, we will feel a certain peace in our mind. In Twin Heart Meditation, we use the mantra Om to shift our consciousness to a higher level or to move closer to our higher soul.


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