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How Meditation Benefits You

How Meditation Benefits You

Regularity brings with it a whole host of meditation benefits- physical, mental and emotional. A practitioner of meditation will experience a complete transformation of self over a period of time. Stress, negativity, emotional turmoil, anger, physical disorders and ailments can all be treated and cured through the power of meditation. Meditation benefits you in more ways than you can imagine!

Regular practice of Meditation on Twin Hearts ensures better physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health for the practitioner. When practiced by a large number of people, the meditation benefits are amplified and the energy generated can also be used to bless the entire earth and promote harmony and peace.

When meditating on Twin Hearts, divine energy descends upon the person, filling him with divine light, love and power. Divine energy or spiritual energy that passes through the spiritual cord and the centers flows to the aura. This leads to the flushing out of negative thoughts and emotions, thereby cleansing the aura.

Benefits of Meditation on Twin Hearts for students

Students, who are preparing for exams, should practice this form of meditation. It results in greater concentration and increases the ability to study better and understand better.

Benefits of Meditation on Twin Hearts for managers and executives

Meditation benefits include quicker thinking and ensures the ability to make decisions fast. This form of meditation can give people in the corporate world and extra edge. The practitioner will find that his/her thinking has become sharper and faster.

Some of the holistic benefits include:

  • Attainment of inner peace.
  • Psychological stability through the cleansing of auras and the chakras in human body .
  • Meditating regularly accelerates spiritual development
  • Meditation energizes the brain cells, making the brain quicker and sharper.

People with brain and nervous disorders are advised to meditate twice a week as meditation cleanses and energizes the heart and the nervous system. Practitioners need to be cautious about over-doing Twin Hearts Meditation as it may cause pranic congestion.


Experiments were conducted in Italy on patients with multiple schlerosis. The patients were treated with a combination of medical treatment, Meditation in Twin Hearts and Advanced Pranic Healing. It was observed that after a span of 6 months, the patients showed remarkable and steady improvement. Many patients who had little movement in their limbs also showed strong improvement.


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