The ancient art and science of pranic healing and arhatic yoga

Mang Nenet

Mang Nenet

MCKS’ meeting with mang Nenet

In about 1972, Samuel introduced MCKS to mang Nenet. The father of mang Nenet was a recognized poet, worked as secretary for two governors of Cebu, and established the first theosophical society in Philippines in Cebu city. According to the stories, the spiritual teacher of mang Nenet was his father, whose guru was an Indian swami. Whether or not, he met his Indian swami guru physically, it was not clarified. The father of mang Nenet left his body when mang Nenet was still a child.

Mang Nenet studied law and became a lawyer. He was a devout catholic and he prayed the rosary regularly. The form of healing that he used was Oracion or healing by prayer in Latin. He was also a clairvoyant and was in telepathic contact with his father and some spiritual teachers

From a list of esoteric books, mang Nenet taught and lectured to his disciples regularly. These lectures lasted for several years. He placed a lot of emphasis on learning, on the accumulation of esoteric information, and on mental development of his students.

Mang Nenet was an expert in making talismans. There was a case of a person who was usually not feeling well, and he thought that he was being energetically attacked. Mang Nenet gave him a protective amulet. After that, his health problems disappeared.

One day, that person felt a severe back pain and could hardly move for three days. Later, somebody informed him that mang Nenet left his body permanently. It seems that when mang Nenet passed away, the amulet lost its power. Mang Nenet was a very kind and good person who cared a lot about his students and nurtured them for many years. Mang Nenet left his body on 29 November 1999.

Samuel meets mang Nenet

In the later part of the 1971, I was invited to attend a meeting on an esoteric group of eight people where I met mang Nenet, known as “Nenet”, and mang Mike, known as “Mike”. Mang Nenet was a clairvoyant. He healed by using prayer. Mang Nenet was the lecturer that morning and he discussed the different paths and trails an aspirant would undergo in his quest for enlightenment. As I listened to him, other members of the group were trying to read my aura. After mang Nenet’s lecture, they all agreed I would be welcome to visit them at anytime. They said they would gladly help me with my desire to learn more about the inner world.

According to mang Nenet, when he was young, he was very human. Like many young people, he smoked, drank, and chased after woman. Later in his life, his spiritual teacher (without a physical body) contacted him and told him to give up these vices in order to progress on the spiritual path.

The purpose of this narrative is to show that if mang Nenet could spiritually transform himself, then it is also possible for ordinary people to give up their vices and to spiritually progress. After I became more acquainted with mang Nenet, I visited him regularly. On one occasion, he made an amulet for me to wear. He told me that this would accelerate my spiritual evolution. The amulet made me very uncomfortable, but after a few days I managed to adjust to it. No longer after, on several occasions, I could spontaneously hear people’s thoughts, which sounded as though they were from inside an earthen jar.

Some months later, he gave me another amulet which he said would stop guns from firing if someone tried to shoot me.

Many years later, I was able to experience the effectivity of the amulet. A band of paramilitary men fired at me but their weapons did not fire. They had to eject the bullets inside the barrel and reload the magazine of the automatic rifles. When they tried to fire a second time, again their guns simply did not fire. Before they could reload a third time, their leader, who recognized me as an engineer, told them to stop. I was very thankful to God that I was still alive; and thankful to mang Nenet that he had foreseen the need for this protection. Thankful, too, that he had given me this special type of amulet, otherwise, my body would have been completely riddled with bullet holes.

Sometime in the later part of 1972, I was in the house of MCKS. He asked me if I knew any other clairvoyants living in the Cebu city. I told him, “yes, I know a man by the name of mang Nenet”. MCKS asked if I could call him and make an appointment to visit him. One week later, we went to his house which served as his ashram. After introducing MCKS to mang Nenet, I could see from his face that he was very pleased to have made MCKS’ acquaintance. From that moment on, MCKS would go to mang Nenet’s place whenever time would permit.

My meetings with mang Nenet were very limited. He had to attend to his business aside from teaching. Therefore, our meetings were either early in the morning or in the evening because otherwise, he would have just a little time to attend to his disciples.

Mang Nenet was quite secretive. He told me many stories about his father, but nothing about himself. He told me that if his father wanted to teleport himself to another place, he would secure a picture of the place and teleport himself through the picture, thereby reaching the place that he wanted.

On another occasion, the father of mang Nenet was by the seashore where heavy rain was about to pour. The salt makers were trying to gather the salt they had made throughout the day, but it seemed that they could not gather it fast enough before the downpour. Seeing this, the father of mang Nenet raised his hands as though he was about to lift something. Although the clouds were very dark and the rain had started, there was no rain on the salt field. After the salt makers had stored the harvested salt into their hunts, he put his hand down, and then the rain began to pour.

One day we went to the house of mang Nenet in the late afternoon to practice a meditation for the Wesak Festival. He told me to meditate alone in the balcony because the living room was reserved for his disciples only. However, he allowed MCKS to remain in the living room to meditate with the group.

After about an hour, the group asked me to join them in the living room. They were discussing what they had seen clairvoyantly during the Wesak Meditation. MCKS reported that, “while floating if front of the very large body of the Lord Buddha during the Wesak, he felt like a small mosquito floating. It seemed that there were arrows radiating out of the body of the Lord Buddha”. Later MCKS realized that these “arrows” coming out of the Lord Buddha’s body were actually rays of light.

Mang Nenet told MCKS that he had described it correctly. He said he had also projected himself into the Wesak festival. Mang Nenet concurred that what MCKS had seen was same as that which he had observed. According to mang Nenet, the arrows are actually blessing from the Lord Buddha to the world. These blessings of lights radiating from the Lord Buddha were interpreted by the brain of MCKS as arrows. This is one of the possible problems that may be encountered by a disciple- the partial distortion of inner experiences by the physical brain.