The ancient art and science of pranic healing and arhatic yoga

Mahaguruji Mei Ling

mahaguruji mei ling

Guru Rinpoche

Buddha Padmasambhava, more popularly known as Guru Rinpoche, came from Kashmir, on the side of what is now known as Pakistan, close to the border of Afghanistan and Tajikistan. More Precisely, his homeland is often cited as the Swat valley, an area called Udyan. In 747 A.D., he went to Tibet upon the invitation of king Thi-srong-detsan and started to teaching Tantric Buddhism.

The Lord Padmasambhava is the founder of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. He popularize the Mantra OM MANI PADME HUM of Buddha Avalokitshvara, also known as Buddha Kwan Yin, the Buddha of mercy and compassion.

Mahaguru of Gurus

According to Tibetan stories, Buddha Padmasambhava was born of lotus flower as an eight years old boy. Padma means “lotus flower”, and Sambhava means “born of”.

The Lord Padmasambhava is a Mahaguru. Maha means “Great”, and Guru means “Spiritual Teacher”. Buddha Padmasambhava has been great teacher for aeons and aeons of time. Under his direct and indirect tutelage are holy masters, great arhats, high Tibetan lamas, high Buddhist monks, Taoist yogis and immortals, Indian yogis, kaya sidhas- great yogis for southern India, rishis, great kabbalists, and other great spiritual disciples.

buddha padmasambhava

In Lord Padmasambhava’s Indian incarnation, he was a great Avatar. In another lifetime, he was the great Ptah or the Chief high priest Nefertem of the Egyptian mystery school. According to Egyptian tradition, Nefertem, the deity of healing arts, was born of the lotus flower. He is depicted as a young person with a lotus flower on top of his head.

The Lord Padmasambhava’s senior disciple, Chohan Jig Mei Ling, was also a Ptah of Egyptian mystery school. Chohan Jig Mei Ling is the modern compiler of the Nyingmapa tradition. Much of the inner teachings and practices of the tantric Buddhism have been compiled and written down by this great disciple of Guru Rinpoche.

More about Lord Padmasambhava

According to stories, the Lord Padmasambhava was born in a lake of fire. This should not be taken literally. It is not a physical lake of fire, but it’s a spiritual lake of fire. The lake of fire is actually the gigantic crown chakra of the Lora Padmasambhava. This lake of fire is so large that the head of Lord Padmasambhava cannot be seen. On a subtle level, it is seen as a shimming golden lake of fire. On a higher level, the crown chakra is seen as a shimming blue lake of fire.

lord buddha padmasambhava crown chakra

Lord Padmasambhava was born in a spiritual lake of fire This lake of fire is the gigantic crown chakra of Lord Padmasambhava. On a spiritual level it is seen as fierly blue lotus flower with shimmering white light and slight tinge of other colors. The 12th chakra on a spiritual level is seen as a shimmering fiery blue lotus flower

On the seventh month of pregnancy, when the Lord Padmasambhava were incarnated on the 12th chakra, the chakra was already fully activated, manifesting as a huge fiery golden lotus flower.

In the first stage of spiritual development, the 12th chakra is just a point of light. This is the level of an ordinary person. At the second level of development, this chakra is seen as a golden bud or golden flame. In the third level of spiritual development the 12th chakra has developed into a small golden lotus flower. This corresponds to a first level of disciple and is symbolically represented by an infant.

An arhat or forth level disciple is symbolically represented as a four years old child. An Asekha or holy master in Buddhism is a fifth level disciple and is represented as a five years old child. A Chohan is symbolized as a six years old child. A Boddhisatva is symbolically represented as a seven years old child. A Buddha is symbolically represented as an eight years old child.

In different traditions, the different levels of development are called by different names. In Christian tradition, the Buddhas and Boddhisatavas are called the twenty four spiritual elders seated beside the throne of God in the book of Revelation.

In Jainism, the twenty four Boddhisatvas and Buddhas are called the twenty four Tirthankaras.

In Hinduism, they are called MahaAvatars. Lord Padmasambhava was MahaAvatar lord Rama in his past life.

Guru Rinpoche was born spiritually of the lotus flower at the age of eight; therefore, Lord Padmasambhava was already born a Buddha.


  1. Om Mani Padme Hum by Master Choa Kok Sui by Master Choa Kok Sui