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Aura Colours and the Various Aspects of Your Energy Body

Aura Colours and the Various Aspects of Your Energy Body

There is tangible evidence in favor of the existence of the aura or the energy body and its connection to the healthy functioning of the physical body. Aura test through Kirlian photographs have revealed the presence of bioplasmic substances. The aura is an energy field that envelops the physical body of every person. It is theorized that physical ailments manifest themselves in the aura before finding expression in the physical body. Ancient teachings suggest the presence of different types of auras based on the different types of subtle bodies.

Other than the physical body, we all possess an etheric aura, an astral aura, a mental aura and a soul aura. These are the subtle bodies that are present in all of us.

The etheric body is also known as the bioplasmic body and it has the etheric aura. This interpenetrates the physical body and serves as the medium for energizing the physical body.

The astral aura is part of the emotional body and is instrumental in the experience of intense emotions across the wide spectrum including love, fear, anger and sweetness among others. The astral aura often looks bright and luminous like a star and is more subtle than the etheric aura.

The Mental Body

The mental body has the mental aura and serves as the subtle and powerful vehicle for receiving, processing and transmitting knowledge. The mental aura facilitates the processes of learning and communication by heightening the speed multiple times. It allows for the storage of huge amounts of knowledge.

The 12th Chakra is where the soul is lodged. This chakra radiates the Soul Aura and the physical body, energy body, astral body and lower mental body are all actually within the soul aura. So basically, we are all souls containing a physical body and other subtle bodies.

Other than the physical body, the soul and the other subtle bodies, there is also the Infinite Light. The higher soul is the source of this infinite light. Theosophical theories propound that the causal body serves as the vehicle of the higher soul. Earlyne Chaney claims that the true Freemasons were preoccupied with not only the creation of actual physical structures and beautiful monuments but also with the creation of the causal bodies. This internal masonry was to benefit them in their spiritual quest.

Our Many Bodies

Thus, we are all composed of different types of auras that surround and permeate our physical bodies. Clairvoyants are able to “see” the auras of others and can therefore decipher the meaning of the aura colours they see. They can also see the presence of any contamination or dirty energy in the auras.

Being able to see auras through clairvoyance requires years of patient practice and even longer to master the art of clairvoyance. This ability to see beyond what our physical eyes can show us, also help in judging the presence of diseases if any. Since the auras are contaminated before the disease manifests in the physical body, this might help in starting healing before the disease actually appears.


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