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forgiveness, how to forgive, seven steps of forgivness, learn to let go

forgiveness, how to forgive, seven steps of forgivness, learn to let go

Taking responsibility for the wrong we have done is not easy. It is tough to say sorry, tougher to mean it from within but toughest of all is to accept apology and forgive someone who has wronged us. But it is necessary to forgive if we want to move on. If we hate someone we create an energy field that keeps us connected to the person. As per Master Choa Kok Sui:

Anger and Hatred bind people together! When you hate someone, it creates an “Energy Link” with the person. You become chained to the person and your Soul becomes entangled with that person. If you want to be free, you must forgive people.

Anger and resentment burn us from inside. They not only keep peace away from us but also affect our health. The energy that we generate from all the anger and resentment is very dirty and this negative energy can affect our aura and our chakras. This will bring in dissatisfaction, sadness, and depression. In the long run, accumulation of this negativity may manifest on our physical body as High Blood Pressure, Severe Kidney Ailments, Arthritis, Asthma and even Cancer. It is like carrying a huge load on our back. Also if we cannot forgive, we cannot expect forgiveness from others and we keep being the object of resentment and anger of the people we have done wrong to. So to receive forgiveness we need to learn to forgive first. It is as master says that we need to give what we want to receive. Master has said,

By Forgiving and Blessing, you stop wallowing in mud and you achieve Inner Peace and Freedom.

7 Stages of Forgiveness

So our target would be to forgive those we are holding a grudge against and to seek forgiveness from the ones we think we have hurt. There are seven levels of forgiveness.

  1. At the moment of death.
  2. After several years.
  3. After several months.
  4. After few weeks.
  5. After few days.
  6. After few hours.
  7. Within few minutes.

Our target is to reach Level 7 when we are able to forgive instantly.

How to forgive?

Master says we can forgive by increasing the love. If we can increase love, there will be more openness, more sacrifice and hence, more forgiveness. According to him as we interact with someone there is a lot of friction. Love acts as a lubricant in the form of loving words, loving actions, loving thoughts and loving feelings.

Easiest way to forgive is to make a list of people who has hurt you. People whom you trusted but you were betrayed by. All those people who have broken your heart. The colleague who made you look bad in front of everyone. That co-passenger who has pushed you in the bus. Then start by releasing the anger you are holding against them. Bless them one by one and send them your love. You have to keep doing this everyday unless you can send them your love with ease.

We should imagine all of them in front of us and say silently: “You are forgiven. God’s blessings and peace be with me and be with you.” Let’s not forget, “Forgiveness is Therapeutic. Forgiving Heals the Soul.” Master Choa Kok Sui.


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