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Fifth Initiation – The Revelation

fifth Inirditiation

"The fifth initiation, called the resurrection, comprises the first rung of beings designated in Theosophy as Masters of the Ancient Wisdom."

Alice A. Bailey

The fifth initiation, called the resurrection or revelation, comprises the first rung of beings designated in Theosophy as Masters of the Ancient Wisdom and in the Ascended Master Teachings as Ascended masters.

At this level, it is believed in Buddhism, one siddhis include the ability to teleport and bilocate moderate distances and levitate within a localized area.

The fifth Initiation, that of the Adept [is] the final step that makes him Superman--Asekha, as the Buddhists call Him, because He has no more to learn, and has exhausted the possibilities of the human kingdom of nature; Jivanmukta, as the Hindus speak of Him, a liberated life, a free being, free not because of any separate independence, but because His will is one with the universal Will, that of the One without a second. He stands ever in the light of Nirvana, even in His waking consciousness, should He choose to remain on earth in a physical body, and when out of that body He rises still higher into the Monadic plane, beyond not merely our words but our thought.

The Adept or the Holy Master

The fifth initiation who is called the Adept or the Holy Master is point in development when your eternal self, monad and atmic body combine fully. You develop a full understanding that you are the monad and god. In the fifth initiation you become aware of the entire personality, history and consciousness of your monad. It is a big step in your evolution! Your consciousness has risen to the monadic level. You don't think negative thoughts. You experience freedom from illusion. You understand and are one with the divine plan.

In many ways, this is considered the consummating initiation, relatively speaking. When taken, the initiate becomes a Holy Master, Master of Wisdom or Lord of Compassion. This stage represents perfection and liberation. In truth, it is a refinement of the transformation that occurred at the fourth initiation. Here, the Master becomes a masterpiece, so to speak. In addition, at the moment of initiation, s/he is afforded a profound revelation. This revelation relates to the various spiritual paths that are now open before him/her. They define the directions possible for continued spiritual development. In the ancient literature there are said to be seven of these paths, sometimes called the Higher Way of Evolution. Only one of them involves continued service upon our globe, the Path of Earth Service. Admittedly, the choice of which path to follow is not yet granted the Master, for that does not occur until the Sixth Initiation. Nonetheless, this understanding, coupled with one’s sense of inner destiny, insures that the correct path will eventually be chosen. Speculatively speaking, an example of such a person is Sri Krishna.

Required to pass the 5th initiation:

  • Total surrender to God and to your monad
  • Agreement that "Yes I will do what my monad intends"
  • Willingness to serve good of wholeness and the highest purpose


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