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All you need to know about Faith, Sharanagati and Hope

  • What is Faith?

    What is Faith?

    There must have been at least one instance when you prayed for something earnestly and totally believed that your prayers would be answered, and somehow everything just worked out exactly how you wanted. However, has it ever happened that you really prayed for something but for some reason could not get yourself to believe that it was possible and your prayers ended up not getting answered? Sharanagati is a Sanskrit term that can be treated as a synonym of faith.
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  • Hope


    St. Francis, in his prayer for peace, mentions hope among the necessities of pardon, faith, light and joy. These are all requisites for peace. Hope is therefore not just the absence of or freedom from despair, but rather victory over despair, desolation and despondency. If you have hope after every dark night will be a bright day. Read more about Hope
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