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Spleen Oil

Spleen Oil
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Strengthens and tonifies the spleen.


How to use?

At mid-morning, Massage 2-3 drops of Spleen directly on the area over the spleen.

How it work?

The spleen is part of the lymphatic system, which constantly renews our cells and disposes of toxins. Unless badly damaged, the spleen will work to repair itself if given support and the opportunity to work.
A healthy lymphatic system also helps purify the blood through the largest mass of lymph tissue in the body, the spleen. The spleen fights infection and destroys worn-out red blood cells in the body. By cleansing your lymphatic system, your spleen will be better able to handle the retired red blood cells.

Great when used with Kidney, Digestive, Beautiful and Liver as a part of a Detoxification regime.

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