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Lavender Incense

Lavender Incense

Each pack contains 15 hand rolled high quality incense sticks from India.
Free from any toxic substance.

When lighted produces violet prana.



Lavender flowers have long been used in love and healing rituals. It is used to protect relationships, promotes sleep and peace. In ancient times Lavender Incense was burned to induce rest and sleep, and to attract love-especially of a man. It is also burned for cleansing and healing purposes, for happiness and relaxation.
For cleansing and uplifting your living room and meditation room; disintegrating diseased energies in your healing room and raising vibrations of your workspace.

Brief History:

For centuries, Lavender has been used in perfumery. Medieval and Modern European History have numerous references of various applications of Lavender stretching from the mundane to the superstitious. All through the ages, Lavender has been associated with stories of the famous, the rich and the royal.

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