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Chakra Stones: The Secret to Healthy Chakras

Chakra Stones: The Secret to Healthy Chakras

Pebble Crystals and chakra stones are potent gifts from Nature. Chakra stones have the unique ability to absorb and store energy. Crystals also have the ability to utilize the functional properties of spiritual energy. Crystals possess a certain degree of consciousness and can carry out orders to provide help in terms of, spirituality, prosperity, healing and protection. There is much to know about the “magical” and miraculous healing properties of crystals.

The Power of Crystals

Crystals or chakra stones have the power to influence the human aura and the chakras in human body with their properties of activation. The colours, quality, sizes and shapes of the crystals used have an effect on the results. The different kinds of crystals used in Pranic Crystal Healing include clear quartz crystals, green crystals, rose quartz crystals and amethyst crystals. Crystals are usually known to activate and enlarge the lower chakras but certain geometrical shapes allow this activation to take place in a more balanced way.

Rainbow Magic

The colour of the crystals affect the colour pranas that they emanate. Red crystals are infused with the physical properties of warmth and strength and possess the psychological attributes of bravery, courage, dynamic activity and aggressiveness. Orange crystals are associated with expelling waste and cleansing of the physical body and have the psychological properties of enthusiasm and fanaticism.

Yellow crystals or chakra stones are associated with the physical property of cementing and psychologically affect higher and complex mental activities. Green crystals physically affect breaking down and processes of digestion while psychologically affecting actfulness and diplomacy.

Blue crystals contain the physical properties of cooling and inhibiting while psychologically affecting concrete thought along with lower mental activities. Pink crystals have properties of attraction, harmonizing and soothing and possess the psychological properties essential for love.

Violet crystals are very special as they contain all the physical properties of red, orange, yellow, green and blue crystals. Psychologically, it enhances the properties related to spirituality. The properties of colour crystals are in accordance with the the attributes of their corresponding colour pranas. Therefore, a strong background in Pranic Healing is essential for you to be able to harness the potential of these potent crystals effectively.

Crystals or chakra stones can also be worn as rings or pendants and they can affect your emotional states. Depressed or timid people often benefit from wearing red or peach crystals. On the other hand, wearing a rose quartz or blue crystal pendant induces calmness.

Keep Your Crystals Clean

Since they absorb energy, crystals need to be cleansed and purified regularly to avoid any contamination. Some stones that are passed down through generations as part of the family heirloom usually suffer quite a lot of contamination. Using consecration techniques enhances the power of the crystals.

However, it is not advisable to lay children on consecrated crystals or chakra stones as they have small chakras and their bodies are not mature enough to handle all the spiritual energy. Pregnant women should also be exempted from being laid on consecrated crystals for the effects it might have on the fetus. Chakra stones are also not recommended for certain conditions like hypertension and cancer.


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